A few changes to the Bottomless Mags skill tree to make synergies better

Bottomless Mags is definitely Moze’s most underutilized skill tree. Most people go full Demolition Woman and some Shield of Retribution and never actually get to experience the bullet spam play style that is SO MUCH FUN. Here are a few changes that would make Bottomless Mags a better tree to invest in.

Matched Set:
-This is great for inflating magazine size. But because it requires us to have specific matching gear, there should be additional bonuses based on Manufacturers.

  1. Vladolf (maximum of 5 items) : +3% fire rate, and an additional +3% mag size per Vladolf item
  2. Torgue (maximum of 5 items): +3% splash damage and a further +1 grenade capacity per Torgue item.
  3. Hyperion (maximum of 6 items): +5% handling and +4% accuracy per Hyperion item.
  4. Dahl (maximum of 4 items): +5% gun damage and +5% mode switch speed per Dahl item.
  5. Atlas (maximum of 5 items): +4% projectile speed and +4% critical damage per Atlas item.
  6. Jakobs (maximum of 4 items): +4% gun damage and +4% critical damage per Jakobs item.
  7. Tediore (maximum of 5 items): +3% splash damage and a further +4% magazine size per Tediore item.

Rushin Offensive:
-This is Moze’s only movement based skill and the other VHs have multiple movement speed skills. To compensate for this, I would add a 10-15% movement speed buff that would be always on. This would make this skill a no-brainer for most builds.

Click, Click:
-As it is, this skill is just okay. But, emptying our mags goes against the whole purpose of this skill tree. So here’s a few ideas for reworking this skill.

  1. +36% damage depending on how long Moze continuously fires her weapon (kind of like Green Monster).
  2. +36% damage depending on how long Moze goes without reloading her currently equipped weapon (kind of like Blast Master).
  3. +36% damage the more ammo Moze has in her weapons magazine (the reverse of Click,Click as of now).

Some For The Road:
-Great skill and a must have for most builds. I would just allow it to stack with the Moze-specific annoint that does the exact same and +1 from classmods. Allowing the 3 to stack would mean 15 seconds of infinite ammo and would create some cool new builds.


Very nice ideas. It’s been around 3 months since GB did anything major to change skill trees so I hope they haven’t given up on the idea.

Yeah they probably won’t, but the matched set stuff is what I really want them to consider.

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You kinda left out maliwan, who only make guns, in matched set.
Honestly I love the Green tree alot and with these three extra points I can cap demo woman and fill up click click, which should be dope as long as I balance my ammo consumption properly.

I’ll take one of each please. Haha
The idea of add bonuses depending on the manufacturer it’s one of the best things I read so far, it reminds me of that Jack’s skill on TPS.
It would make me use other weapons besides splash weapons.
But unfortunately GB seems reluctant to change how skills work, the only changes I remember involve numbers tweaking?

this is kinda wasted, since you get proper aim for firing more than 2 consecutive rounds out of any hyperion weapon.

the rest of these are way too powerful for a tier 1 skill if they go on top of mag size. like, +12% splash damage and 56% mag size buff for a full tediore setup? welcome back to the november meta. 16% gun and crit damage for jakobs on top of 40% mag size?

the reason these are way too powerful is because its tier 1. you can easily splash 5 points into BM for matched set only, for a bonus that gives you more damage than tier 3 and 4 skills.

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I like the matched set idea. Maybe the bonuses are too strong for its place in the tiers, but perhaps if you swapped it with iron bank.

I’d suggest for Maliwan reducing charge time and increasing dot chance or damage.

this was what i was thinking too, if nothing were to change. 35% mag size bonus contends pretty well with cloud of lead, since one saves 25% of ammo and adds some incendiary damage vs. just buffing mag size.

i like the maliwann one. maybe 6% per item at max rank?

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