A few concerns, from Steam players

Good afternoon.

I play Battleborn, through Steam, and wish to rely some of the concerns there.

  1. Steam-wide - Changing the download region of your Steam account, improves or handicaps for what time for matchmaking. Why is this so? Shouldn’t Steam players be able to play with other Steam players, regardless of where they live?

  2. Incentives - Other than unlocking characters, there’s very little incentive for co-op play. Some suggestions :

a. A set number of credits/xp for both the winning team and the losing team.

b. Receiving a loot pack, for every 10 wins in co-op.

  1. Hackers - Yes, they’re already ingame. Darting across the map, untouched by foes and turrets alike. Unless they’re hit with a well-placed stun, the match is over just after it begun.
    We need an easy way to report them, or a program that automatically detects then kick them.

Thank you for your time.

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Co-op allows you to level far faster than PvP, especially if you go solo. It’s a place to safely test builds, too.
You also get loot drops there, remember?

Don’t forget that you have your saved match data for a reason. Use the usernames and match ID numbers to report stuff?

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Thanks for the info!

  1. Seems I confused co-op and PvP. My bad. I’m going to look into solo and co-op some more, before posting more suggestions.

  2. If I remember correctly, posters have stating that reporting a player with said information is a “long and frustrating” process. I don’t know how much of a good or bad thing it is, as I haven’t used the system. I’m going to look into this more, and make a suggestion based on what I see.

An ingame report system is being worked on.

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Thank you for the info! :smiley: