A few examples how Zane's less useful skills/action skill auguments could be improved

By now it’s hardly a surprise to anyone playing Zane that while he is fun to play in general, a lot of his skills and augments are extremely underwhelming. GB is going to introduce new trees soon and I thought it would be nice to toss some ideas while they have their hands deep in the game’s code. Here are some of my propositions on how to enhance Zane and possibly open new and fun options for different play styles. The idea here is to make skills and augments actually compete with one another rather than as of now creating pretty clear build paths because of how bad some other skills and augments are. I’ve put proposed new bonuses for skills in brackets [ ] for easier identification.

Doubled Agent Tree:


Zane and his Digi Clone gain increased Magazine Size. [Every Digi Clone reload, Zane’s current magazine replenishes by 10%.] - This would add an interesting dynamic with giving the Clone fast reloading weapons while using a ammo hungry or slow reload wepon yourself.

“Pocket Full of Grenades”:

After killing an enemy Zane gains increased Grenade Regeneration [and Grenade Damage/10% per level] for a few seconds.

“Like a Ghost”:

Zane and his Digi Clone gain a chance to [reflect bullets] - obviously the skill would need to be renamed to reflect (no pun intended) this change.


“Binary System”:

Add a instantanous freeze effect and increase the radius slightly.


Add a singularity effect that triggers a second before the Digi Clone explodes.

“Which One’s Real”:

Add 70% bullet absorption for the 4 seconds the Digi Clone is more likely to be targeted. Bullets he absorbs are added to Zane’s backpack.

“Digital Distribution”:

Lower shared damage to 40%, add “whenever Digi Clone takes damage Zane’s next shot will do bonus % amp damage”. - Percentages debatable of course. The point is to create a risk-reward scenario. The shared damage portion would have to be set so that there is real risk of losing the Clone but not like it is now where you basically kill your clone almost instantly for essentially nothing. Additionally, this would encourage people to swap a lot more taking advantage of “Quick Breather” to maintain both the clone and the amp bonus as often as possible. Also, would tie into “Which One’s Real” nicely, creating yet more options for the player.

Hitman Tree:

“Cold Bore”:

Zane gets increased weapon swap speed. [The next two magazines after swapping deal Bonus Cryo Damage (+20%)]. - Bonus damage lowered to discourage constant swapping. Still would be great for swapping into snipers and launchers for instance.

“Seein’ Red”:

Activating an Action Skill automatically activates all of Zane’s Kill Skills. [+50% SNTNL primary weapons Fire Rate] [Dealing damage reduces SNTNL Cooldown by 0.01 seconds.]


“Winter’s Drone”:

Converts SNTNL’s primary weapons to [Cryo and Radiation Damage] - right gun should fire Cryo left gun Radiation and it would be nice if visual laser effects would be added to reflect that. Imagine the colorful pew-pew barrage.


Increase the rocket’s area of effect - it misses way to often, even mobs moving around at normal speed let alone when they jump/dodge.

“Almighty Ordnance”:

Remove the silly limitation of being able to use it once per skill duration on a character revolving around keeping his action skills up. Replace it with a 12 second cooldown instead giving players a tactical option mid fight and a strategic build-based one while choosing between a constant DPS from Boomsday and a aimed burst every so often in this particular instance. Replace the laser pointer with area of effect target circle like on the Jericho rocket launcher’s alternative mode.

I’m not going to go through the 'Under Cover" tree simply because I’ve never played around with it and neither do I intend to. God knows however, that it needs some serious attention as well.


Like your ideas but not only Zane I’m sure the other VHs could use another look over but unfortunately making new content makes more money then going back and looking over old content. Don’t be surprised if gbx is only focused on the new stuff they got planned and will most likely not go back and comb thru the various skill trees to fix and readjust them.

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I’m aware of the predatory business model they cling to so desperately. Wouldn’t hurt them to endear players like this imo. As of now, Zane’s augments especially, are in a really bad place. I’m writing about Zane’s skills because that’s the only VH I play, so I’m not in a position to talk about the other three.

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