A few issues I have with the Post Mortem modifier

1: DEATHs hitbox is questionable at best. The only part that you are going to reliably hit are the teeth, if you aim for the eyes or forehead it just goes straight through.

2: A lot of things don’t properly target DEATH. Pets, Digi-Clone and the likes will never attack it on their own. Zane’s SNTL can and will attack DEATH but only when given an attack command.

3: DEATH does not have a crit spot and appears to be completely unaffected by elemental status effects, neither does he suffer from damage over time effects. This can make him obnoxiously hard to kill depending on your build.

4: DEATH occasionally appears to break, making it utterly impossible to hit him with any regular attacks. The only exceptions I know of so far are Zane’s Bad Dose SNTL augment and the Beacons reload nova.

5: Certain enemies should not be able to spawn DEATH in my opinion. That includes Katagawa Jrs’ Clones as well as any boss or enemy who has a Cutscene at the end of their fight. It’s not fun getting killed in a story cutscene.