A few issues I've encountered in the new DLC

  1. The book or whatever it is that your supposed get in the Temple of Boom quest keeps getting stuck up top. I jump up on the platform to grab it, but the platform drops me down before I can grab it, leaving me trapped in that room and unable to progress, while the book stays up top. I downed myself with my launcher to respawn and went back to the area to try to get it again. I was able to double jump and grab it mid-air, but after I got out of that room and ran from the stone wheel, the quest stopped progressing. I tried to go to Tannis and Gladstone to turn it in but it wouldn’t let me.

  2. While fighting the last boss, there have been several times that I have been knocked into the lava, only to fall through the floor and die. The boss is hard enough without having to deal with this!

  3. While fighting Despair and Self Loathing, sometimes one of them gets stuck in front of the exit and keeps getting propelled upwards over and over, making him tough to kill. Here’s a screenshot.