A few issues that make the game unplayable

  1. specced into the Hollow point that causes head shot kills to explode targets. Welp when you get mobbed and everything on top of you get a lucky crit shot BOOM your down. Why cause your own hollow point explosion killed you.

  2. Bank items disappeared.

  3. negative tokens… like wtf caused this

  4. Started True vault hunter mode and the gear doesn’t get better it got worse like I just restarted the campaign for no reason. everything dropping is grey and green. Not better than what I have at lvl 50 normal mode mayhem 3. Like I expected it to be like mayhem 4 unlock. Nope. I dont see the reason to start tvhm cause it is not shared among you alts so why replay the same game on the same character if you eventually have to do it on other characters. The world should be shared between your character.

But then again why play again if you items in your bank disappear.

  1. I play beast master and at high level game play my pet is useless which is a main buff for my dmg. Why? Can’t control it or set it on passive or change its AI mode. No matter what pet it is it goes in and dies instantly. The monkey is not a tank but tries to act like one. smack its dead can’t get to it spawns back in one minutes, smack its dead again. Oh no Im down pet come res me, smack its dead again now I am too. Useless PoS

But game was pretty fun but I think it more of play it and move on at this point.

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I don’t think the game is unplayable because of some of the issues you mentioned, but I agree with you about the pet AI. In World of Warcraft, pets were eventually given an attribute called Avoidance which allowed them to either take reduced or no damage from AoE. Pets in BL3 die way too easily and too often.