A few minor issues (could be just me)

None of this is game-breaking and it may just be personal preference, so I’m not going to report these as bugs, unless @JoeKGBX thinks it is a good idea.

First is that ISIC’s skull has no apparent interior texture. I noticed this because when he uses his shake taunt when in the blue and red skin, the outer surface of his skull is red while the inner surface is white.

The clothing of Rath, Phoebe and probably several other BB (Miko comes to mind, but I haven’t played him yet) block the view beneath them. While I appreciate the aesthetic and love being able to finally see my own feet in a game, it makes it hard to plan my landing strategy when I’m thrown up by various enemies.

On the Sentinel, after being killed by the crushy-spinny traps, I often remain in a place where being revived isn’t possible, like between one spinning trap and one coming down from the ceiling. It seems, because in many places your body is moved a safe distance away to be revived, that this wasn’t intended?

I have been thrown off the main platform while fighting the Sentinel, only for my body to remain out of reach on the lowered shard platform during revive time. I’m guessing since the bodies are usually put back within reach of other players that this wasn’t intended, either.

Also, frigid guardians, especially while fighting the Sentinel, have an odd habit of spawning inside the back wall and then only being able to move up or down.

On the Algorithm, after defeating Geoff, sometimes no enemies thaw. Also, in the next area, the shard-pads are often not all visible (though they still work) and sometimes the texture of the gladiator’s ice wall is there for the duration of the fight. You can move through it, but you can’t see through it.

Also on the Algorithm, If ISIC’s skull is killed at the top of the map, the yellow bonus scores barely make it to the floor before disappearing altogether.

Oh, and a side question: When trying to get Phoebe’s Lore challenge of damaging 8 enemies with one Cascade, does it matter when they are damaged? I most definitely killed more than 10 swarmers just during Phoebe’s spin-up with Blade Cascade and didn’t get credit for it.


i try to revive them after the spikes lift up but i think this should be addressed tbh. i forget phoebes lore but try the renegade massive spawns together there make her lores super easy.

Thanks. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I was hoping the swarmers would work, because there are so many in Algorithm, but since they didn’t work on Sentinel, I may have to re-think that strategy.

One more thing:

On Algorithm, there is a box under the stairs as you take the first turn towards the laser vent hatches. It is impossible for any of the larger characters to get to the box without walking the outside railing. I was surprised to discover Galilea’s armor prevents her from going under the stairs, too. As there are other boxes that are inaccessible except by BB who can fly, have double jumps or phase dashes, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was intended.

Oh yes, one thing a friend mentioned:

Also on Algorithm, after killing Geoff, @johnrr6 said he has a lot of trouble telling which of the red dots on the minimap are thawed enemies and which aren’t. I was wondering if this was also intentional, or if they could be made to only show up on the minimap after being thawed?

I’ve wondered since the first time I played that part why all the enemies don’t eventually thaw? Now, it would suck if they all thawed with the first shard, but if more thawed with each shard, it would make more sense to me, especially in advanced.

One annoying issue I have is when the game triggers my controller rumble it never stops. It’s really annoying as sometimes it triggers at the start of a stage. I know it’s not my controller because it’s the only game I have this issue on and if I go to my home screen it stops. On the plus side my circulation is getting a good work out.

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In voids edge there is big character blocking boxes when you are in room with the boss spawning shard pad. As for phoebe they must be hit at the same time but you can get extra stacks if a) it hits all 8 more then once or b) it hits 16 enemies at once.

You´re not alone… I saw all the Sentinel-issues you described, thats why I rarely play that mission…
I can also verify the Algorithm issue with not thawing enemies. If theres no certain challenge that spawns more enemies we mostly get none, or just 2 big elites.

Ohhhh yes, it made me crazy the first times. Now I got used to it, but since I use minimap mostly to spot enemies its rather frustrating.

Just cursed this last night again!!! When he´s snipered you have may 1-2seconds until they dissappear.

I didn’t understand a thing…

Then you obviously don’t do much voids edge. The room where you spawn the first boss downstairs there are two boxes that fatties like Montana are to big to get into.

I’ve had the ice effect remain in Algortithim. And I am also wondering if Phoebes lore requires simultaneously damaging 8?

It just says damage 8 enemies with one Blade Cascade, but there may be more to it, since that’s what i thought I did. As a matter of fact, when I killed all those swarmers, I’m pretty sure they all exploded simultaneously, but still, there may have been some reason they didn’t count. Maybe they died too soon?

No, I’m with @maskerader, here, @pizzonage. Your first post didn’t make sense to me, either, and Void’s Edge is the mission I play third most often. After your second post, I realize you’re talking about the Warlord Nix area, but that is huge. Which boxes are you referring to?

The building that has the shard pad which I stated twice now. When you first enter turn right there is 2 boxes under some rafters tall characters have issues wiggling in there. As for phoebe I did all of mine in one voids edge mission between void phase and then every add summon during the rest of the fight.

Ah, okay. I get it, now. There are shard pads in the big area outside where you actually fight Nix and that’s what I was thinking of.

I hadn’t taken Phoebe into the Void’s Edge mission yet. That does sound like the perfect place to get plenty of non-swarmer spawns at the same time.

Any suggestions on how to get 2000 points of damage with Blade Rush?

In void wave kill 5 Marksmen while running in a circle to group up the skulks take exploding damage, anything that buffs shield or damage, take the ability that makes 12% shield strength as damage. Wear gear that increases skill damage and shield strength. Once you have a nice blob jump in the middle of them with a regular jump no Tele aim straight down and blade rush.

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Wow, thanks! I will definitely do that!

Any other questions feel free to ask I am up to 16 of original 25 lore completed.

That worked beautifully! I still need at least one more piece of skill damage gear, but I completed the Blade Cascade challenge in the void, doing exactly what you said. Thanks again for the advice. I am definitely coming to you next time I get stuck on a challenge.

Incidentally, when the Wolf sentry and I arrived at the final forcefield, there was a Thrall Brute stuck on the other side of it. He was shooting at Wolf and Wolf was shooting back, but neither were doing any damage. I had to use the jump pad and kill the thrall with Blade Rush.

As I said, none of these issues are game-breaking in the least, but they are odd.

Have a couple more. Someone else mentioned Miko’s knees clipping. I haven’t seen it looking at him as another player, but my husband said it looked like there might be some clipping while jumping. However, he said Miko’s clothing doesn’t get in the way as he is coming down, the way Phoebe’s sash does.

During Montana’s intro using his default taunt, the top of his little statue is hidden by the screen graphic. Also, when viewing Ghalt’s default taunt in the command menu, he’s turned the wrong way. It looks fine in his intro, so maybe this was just how it has to be coded for it to look right later?

I had one the other day that was kind of goofy used Mellka on advanced sentinel popped my ultimate with the charged single shot helix and killed him, but after the boss died my character was locked into an infinite shot action without truly firing.