A few minor issues

Firstly, thank you for bringing Bulletstorm along with some new echoes to play. I spent a lot of time playing Echoes on 360 and forsee i will be doing the same on xbox one.

I have noticed a few issues since i started playing and wanted to point them out in case you are planning a patch at some point. Here’s what i’ve noticed.

  • When playing Anarchy, your wave score shows in the friends best score box along with a friends gamertag and the “my score” box remains blank.

  • On the Echoes leaderboards there are instances of players with 0 score being featured in the global leaderboard, sometimes it will state they have the 2nd place score even though they are at the bottom of the leaderboard.

  • On the friends leaderboard it will show your global position rather than your position compared to your friends.

  • During echoes, sometimes you score +10 when you correctly perform a skillshot. This issue existed in the original and i was hoping it may not be present in the remaster.

  • Playing certain echoes causes some audio issues. This issue also existed on the original. I believe it is associated to an enemy type that was present on the extra maps from the Epic edition (promenade, waterway etc). This issue causes your character to stop speaking and also the Scalpers audio cue is gone.

Nothing game breaking but i just want the game to be the best it can be. Thanks

Another issue which has occured is the game crashing and booting to dashboard when playing echoes on Jumpship. Both attempts to play this level have resulted in the game crashing

It seems the first issue i mentioned, anarchy score showing in friends best score box only occurs if you have no friends who have registered a score. The issue is rectified now that my friends have played.

Still can’t complete the Jumpship echo due to the crashing issue. I guess the problem is real. Also the global leaderboards are now littered with 0 scores and rank position are jumbled. I really hope this gets sorted.

Hi @Rattlecat

Thanks for flagging these issues here! If you don’t mind, contact our support team viz http://support.gearboxsoftware.com. They’ll be able to get the ball rolling on helping you out!

Thanks again!