A few particular nitpicks about the new drop locations

I like that the loot pools have been spread out a little, but I think there have been a few somewhat questionable decisions in the bunch that I would like to adress:

  1. The Messy Breakup Shield: Used to drop from GenIVIV, now drops from Rax. Now, simply put my issue is that this should have stayed a GenIVIV drop. It speaks with her voice and it’s a reference to the quest where you fight GenIVIV. Really, it should either have stayed in her loot pool or at least be moved to a later enemy, not an earlier one.

  2. The Quadomizer Launcher: Used to drop from the Rampager, now drops from one of the Grogons. Same issue as with the Messy Breakup, honestly. The launcher emulates the Rampagers attacks, thus it should have stayed a Rampager drop.

  3. The Infiltrator: Used to drop from one of the Trials bosses, now drops from Skrakk on Pandora. The issue I have with this is related to new Playthroughs: You encounter Skrakk before you unlock your class mod slot.

  4. All artifacts that drop before you unlock your artifact slot.

  5. The Hex. Used to drop from the Sky Bullies, now doesn’t have a dedicated source anymore. I mean, right now you have a pretty good chance of getting one in a vendor, but I think it’s not unlikely that GBX are gonna nerf the amount of legendaries in the vendors soon and making a sought-after item a world drop exclusive is not a step in the right direction in my opinion.

A few changes I would make:

Give the Infiltrator to Rax, the Messy Breakup to GenIVIV and the Quadomizer to Rampager. In exchange, give the Polybius or the Duc to Skrakk so he can be a source of a solid early game legendary weapon instead of a class mod that you would have to hold on to for like 5 levels before you are even able to use it. Maybe add the Hex as a drop to Traunt because if I understand this right the Firestorm got removed from his loot pool, meaning his drop pool is only the Tankman’s which is a M4+ exclusive and the Kaoson which is a M6+ exclusive, so early on he’s got nothing to farm for.


Yes, decision to move most of specific drops like Messy Breakup, Westergun, Shooting Star etc. from their original sources is beyond me. That gear was there since launch and should stay there, instead GBX should move dedicated drops.

I really don’t like having to unlock the relic and com slot, you end up just ignoring tons of drops because you can’t use them and it’s not worth holding onto them because they’ll probably be massively outleveled by the time you get the slots unlocked.

I don’t know if it’s possible but having them unlocked from the start would be nice.

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Agreed. Iirc all the other games in the series had unlocked those slots from the get go and it worked out just fine.

My main issue with some of these new drop locations is that they don’t have have a save station nearby. This is definitely something GB should look into.