A Few Queries on UVHM

Is there something about Level 61? Earlier today I got through to Level 61 (Arid Nexus - Badlands) and continued playing. I have done 3 side missions and the XP bar at the foot of the screen hasn’t moved. There is still no blue progression indicator to be seen. If this continues it looks like I will finish the game and all the DLC’s whilst still at level 61. Is this normal?

Even if the XP bar does start to move I am struggling to see how it is possible to get to level 72 without running out of missions and DLC’s.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


UVHM mode comes in two parts. Check which version of the game you have, and whether or not it includes Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade pack 2 (UVH2) - this is the one that adds levels 62-72 and Digistruct Peak (overpower levels):


You can reset UVHM. It’s in the “Select character” menu. Select your character, and when you have the option to choose playthrough mode, you will see an option to reset at the bottom.

I’d bet you are missing one of the two ultimate vault hunter upgrade packs as pointed out by @VaultHunter101. The level caps are 50 (vanilla), 61 (upgrade 1) and 72 (upgrade 2). If you have all of them the game has so much stuff to do that you’ll hit 72 way before you are done with all of the quests.