A few questions about Borderlands 3 on console (PS4/XBO)

Unfortunately my recent experience with Mortal Kombat 11 has shown me that you can’t trust any game developer in this day and age anymore. So, before I pull out my hard earned cash for Borderlands 3 I have a couple of questions. The answers to these questions will determine if I decide to spend money on this game or not.

#01: Does Borderlands 3 have an “always online” requirement? Do I need to be connected to the Internet in order to play Borderlands 3?

#02: Does Borderlands 3 have splitscreen co-op? And if it does then is player 2 able to sign in with their own profile and earn trophies and such?

#03: What is the (ugh!) microtransaction/lootbox situation like in Borderlands 3? Is this yet another game that is going to completely screw the consumer in every way possible?

#04: Will Borderlands 3 receive years of support from the developers, like they did with Borderlands 2?

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All of the above…

Can’t speak for xbox but on the PS4 it doesn’t seem like you can do otherwise. Switching on a controller you have to select/sign in with another account.
And yes. Couch co-op on console have been confirmed.

Pretty sure I’ve seen/read/heard Randy Pitchford (Almost wrote Ptchfork! :smiley: ) say on different occasions that’s not where they want to go. I’ll paraphrase and say: That’s where they don’t want to go…
You can guess skins will be back as “small purchase”. Maybe on guns too now.
The one annoying thing I can see coming is emotes for sale. :expressionless: I’ll live with that. :wink:

That is largely dependent on sales volume. You can be sure they want to support it for the longest possible time. It’s way more cost effective than building a new game. :wink: . Lack of support usually mean bad sales and financial condition.

Exactly how it works on XB1.

Looks like that will extend to weapon skins (since custom weapon skins are one of the pre-order bonuses).

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