A few questions about digi-jacks

I’m trying to make build that keeps my Jacks alive as long as possible. I was just wondering if:

  1. Jacks get the health boost from anshin shields?
  2. If their health is based off your health (so increaing your max health increases their’s)?


  1. I would assume that VIP is a better mod to use for boss fights than Role Model because the digi-jack bonus has a higher potential ceiling. Correct?
  2. The jacks only have shock and fire (and corrosive if specced) attacks, no explosive?

I’m not 100% sure that Adaptive shield’s health transfers and I don’t know of any way to test this but if You Have My Shield works as described they should gain the health and elemental resistance bonus. Digi-Jacks gain additional health increases (e.g., Bolster and Promote the Rank) that Jack doesn’t so they seem to function independently of one another. I’d either go VIP or Protagonist for a BA Digi-Jack build because of Bolster. Role Model always seemed to underperform for me and I thought it would be much stronger.

I was afraid of that.

Still, I always imagined the damage bonus would be more consistent than the boost from bolster, which would disappear if I moved too far away.

Thats the build I’m using. As you can see, I don’t have too many passive damage bonuses. Did you find the difference in your damage output to be small even with resolute boosted? If so, I may have to go back to the drawing board…

I like Resolute but I think it’s the fact that it triggers based on you taking damage, not you AND Digi-Jacks. Since they draw a lot of agro it just doesn’t seem as frequent as I thought. But perhaps it’s just a play style issue and if you’re out in front more and taking that damage then it’s obviously a very nice boost to both damage and damage resistance.

Well, I feel stupid. I thought it procced when you or the jacks took damage. That kinda defeats the purpose of accountablility if it only activates upon me taking damage.

It procs just not often enough for me in a build centered on keeping Jacks out.

So it does increase my damage if my jacks are hit? Because the skill description is kind of confusing now that I look at it.

No. It only works when you get hit but how often is that when you’re using Jacks more for aggro and offense?

Not very, especially when playing with an Aurelia.