A few Questions about Ghalt Post Nerf (helix related)

after searching extensively on google, ive found a huge lack of info about ghalt post scrap trap nerf.

For PvP (inclursion and meltdown) purposes :slight_smile:

  1. Big Draw or Stealth Scrap? Big draw might make pulling bulkier and a bit accidental to minions, but is stealth scrap useless in pvp? Seems like minions just randomly walk into it anyways and for players, well…its scraptrap post nerf…so…

  2. Shock Trap or The Scrappening? When would one choose one vs the other? There is zero damage related info for Scrappening, so I have no idea what the damage is compared to shock trap.

  3. Pellet party or barrier? I am trying to see how pellet party effects the gun. Almost seems like it makes it weaker? What is everyones experience with pellet party? Worth it?

  4. Efficient Extraction, Hobbling Shot, and Drain Chain seem like no brainers at this point of the meta, right?

  5. What is the best lvl 7 helix in your opinion? Barrelts blazing lets one hit for massive crit damage on a hooked player . ScrapStack giving more traps might help in improving ghalts wave clear maybe?

  6. Best lvl 8 helix? Your opinions?

  7. Seems like Easy Target and Can’t Touch This is a no brainer

Let me know your thoughts!

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This depends on how you play. If you want to cover flanks or retreats with your trap, go with cloak, but if yo’re like me and you only set a trap when you’re prepping a hook, go with big draw. The hook will seem bulkier at first, but once you get the game of it, it’s easy.

I always use the scrappening, since the damage over time isn’t all that appealing to me. If you’re running stealth traps, go with shock trap, I’m not sure how much damage it actually increases, but it does increase the AoE of damage if you pull someone, and now that it’s a heavy slow, you’re guarenteed to land all 3 of the bombs.

Pellet Party increases the spread of the gun, and increases damage. This makes him even more powerful at close range, but less of a threat a mid to long range. I always run Barrier, as any amount of extra survivability is a good thing, imo

Not because of the meta, just because the other options suck in most situations.[quote=“jaden374, post:1, topic:1552437”]
What is the best lvl 7 helix in your opinion?

Speed loader, without a doubt. His reload speed is slow af, and it needs as much help as it can get, scrapstack isn’t helpful unless you’re trying to pin down a pendles, and both barrels blazing is too jarring for me to use. I like my 8 shots.

I always go with cooldowns, because I feel that getting your abilities up faster is more important than any extra damage you can deal.

Not really. All comes down to personal preference. I prefer here comes the hook, because it lets me wombo combo more often, and Gun n’ run because if a melee character comes wide at me, I can shoot em while backing away faster than they can chase.


Most helix options come down to personal taste, and that’s what I love about Battleborn. There isn’t really a solid meta, and with the right tweaking, there never will be. Do what works for you, but feel free to try out my build here, eh? :wink:


So helpful! Can I pick your brain a bit more? How do you feel Ghalt stacks up in wave clearing? How do you personally go about wave clearing? Ive just started playing with him (like rank 11 just getting comfortable) but would it make sense to hook the sheppard out of a fresh wave to prevent the over shield on the smaller minions? Or do you only save the hook for players?

It’s a bit tricky to me bc he needs to get close-ish to hit minions for decent damage but then again doesn’t have great survivability (can’t trade with trash).

Also, what gear do you run? Attack speed? Symb Gaunt?

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Personally, I always figured Ghalt was best as an off-tank. He’s got a moderate hit box, and with the right support, he can tank more damage than you’d think. Of course, he’d never pull off the crap that boulder can; but I think that Ghalt shouldn’t be wave clearing unless there’s no other pressing matters, becuase while his shotgun does deal decent damage, his kit isn’t great for fighting multiple targets at once.

If I absolutely have to, I place a trap ahead of the bots, and as they close in, I pull the shepard, or striker bot into the trap and shoot the ■■■■ out of it. If you time it right, the trap will go off as the wave reaches you, dealing more damage to the wave, and giving your minions an edge.

The reason for this, is that Ghalt is a better assassin than people give him credit for, and a shepard bot will be melted in no time by that shotty.

I firmly believe that as Ghalt, your top priority should be attacking enemy Battleborn. Ghalt’s kit is not great for wave clearing compared to someone like Thorn, Oscar Mike, or Whiskey Foxtrot. This is because of his lack of AoE, all of his abilities are single target, so wave clearing s much harder with Ghalt than most other characters.

Leave wave clearing to someone with a kit suited for it, and save your hook and trap for an enemy, unless all the wave clearers on your team are dead, in which case, do as I suggested above.

Reload Speed, Health Regen, and Shield capacity. His gun is so slow to reload, that you’re better off using reload gear than attack speed.

You can get up to around 60% if you use the helix, and a rare UPR reload gear that has a reload speed stat as it’s secondary. Much more helpful compared to the 8.40% increase in fire speed, Ghalt’s attack speed is fine, imo.

I don’t normally use legendary gear, simply because it takes a lot of shard farming to get them, and running to grab a shard deposit takes you away from the lane, only for a few seconds, but that is long enough to lose a wave of minions.

If I were to use a lege gear piece on Ghalt, It’d be the Pain-2-Gain Re-Knitter. It increases your max health by ~3 every time you take damage, up to 100 stacks. It doesn’t sound like much, but 300 health is enough to save your ass, especially if you take barrier.

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So helpful again! Im taking notes haha.

Do you use ghalt’s melee often? I read in a recent post on the general forum that it is pretty darn strong

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I use it if I’m right next to someone with low health, and I’m out of ammo, otherwise, I just use it for spacing. His quick melee is very strong, but it’s best used to keep melee characters away from you, or to finish off low health enemies.

Glad I’m helping! :smile:

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I have 2 ways to play galt.

1 tankish with extra shield hélix, loadout: shield+ shield after killing a minion, attack power +shield and regen + damage reduction

I stay close must of the time and forcé ppl to flee or get crits in the face.

2 dps i get the +30% pellets, loadout: free shard, legendary dmg+hp+dmg and legendary recoil reduction and a 7% chance to make a non crit hit a crit hit.
I need to flank more but not get out of position, every pellet has a chance to get extra dmg. Hook becomes more important to deal heavy dmg.

I use the hook on key targets (and sometimes in minions when they are in the fkih way… Stupid minions) like a healer, sniper or a fleeing target.

Is true galt is not a wave cleaners but help or spray the wave can give you nice lvls. I dont hook shepherd because you cant interruptor its OS and its AoE is big, if im front it will OS the wave and if im behind probably ill get targeted by the enemy and give them an OS when they try to stop me.

  1. For the “+30% pellets” i assume you mean pellet party?

How does pellet party effect his playstyle?

  1. When you say in the tankish build “i stay close”, do you mean close to sheppard? To the front?

Well … my teammates tell stories that even shards have been hooked when I played Ghalt. But that, you know, that is just utter bs as you can probably imagine. How stupid can you be to hook shards. Hahaha. Surely no one would be that dumb. Haha. Hah… Sh************t. (Imagine ISIC laughter from The Algorithm after he’s been beaten)

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Yes, lvl 3 dictates my playstyle.

Barrier allows you to stay in the front line and make anyone who dares to try to Cross your line be punished with your massive dmg.

Pellet party reduce your effective range but increase your dmg. I stop being “the front liner” i only get close to the enemy if a teamate is close (i dont want to be focused) if he retreats so do i.

Hook becomes more important so lvl1 left is priority, (with the trap nerf i usually go left anyway) without the extra shield you cant get close to the enemy, they need to get closer to you, meele characters cant get in range without being melted.

Edit: barrier sbuild: hook is a finisher to fleeing targets
Pellets party build: hook is to initate.

Big draw is better imo your mine lost it’s stun but it’s still a ■■■■■■■ amazing wave clear.

Stealth mines are god just as a to zone out enitre parts of apthways