A few questions about Kleese battle abilities/Helix

  1. Under Helix 3 there is a skill called [Quantum Precision]. I play PVE exclusively so don’t use his Shock Tasers too much but at the same time I like how his Wrist Cannons and how I can just keep holding down the shoot button and fire away. I don’t need to keep tapping the button - like say Thorn & her arrows. But is the damage from this Helix so massive that it is basically a must have? I also believe it has a charge (akin to Thorns arrows again) when you hold it down for more damage but I’ve played with it for a few battles and can’t tell any significant difference. I honestly feel the faster fire from just holding down his Wrist Cannon will equal out to the higher damage Helix option but slower fire rate. What do you guys think?

  2. Under Helix 4 there is a skill called [Rift Network]. When I put my rifts out I can see them tether to each other but say I have to go away and fight far away. When I come back my rifts will still be in the same spot and not damaged but the “tether” seems to be disappeared. Is there a time limit that the rifts “network” with each other or is it just an animation bug? I’m basically wondering if they Network for say 30 seconds then it goes away or if I still get the benefit of being “networked” even though I don’t see the animation for it

  3. Under Helix 6 there is a skill called [Bulk Savings]. In PVE I usually just barely have enough time to put 3 rifts down if it is a full 5 man team. Even in Solo Kleese is so OP I rarely even need to put down more than 2 rifts. What advantage is there for one more rift? I usually pick extra mortars but I’m curious if anyone picks this option and the advantages

  4. Under Helix 7 there is a skill called [Bouncing Balls of Death]. Under MINIMAL circumstances where you are in a boxed in location or a VERY tiny room it is a pretty neat skill as they bounce off the walls and it “seems” to hit enemies more than once. But other than that is there anything else to this skill I’m missing? Off the top of my head there is only 2 sections in 2 different maps where the area is so tiny this works pretty nice. 99% of the areas are big and open spaced so I can’t find a reason to pick this unless I’m not seeing its potential.

Thank you

I find that the damage is nice. For example just tapping it deals as much damage in one blow as holding the sustained fire on the target for a full second, so while not a “must have” it’s quite good. Plus, it’s nice for surprise-sniping people who don’t notice you. It’s funny watching a Marquis panic as half his health and all of his shields vanish in one solid blow to the chest.

The networking thing is an animation bug. I’ve had it happen myself.

For example, you could have 3 rifts networked into a base to attack from or support allies with, while placing another rift in a minion lane to deal damage, or network that 4th turret into the base to make the base that much stronger at the cost of the cooldown to place it. One of his mutations for that level is where the rifts cooldown 33% faster, which is my personal favorite considering people keep destroying my stuff so often in PVP. Shaves a good 3-4 seconds off the 12-second cooldown.

They bounce off enemies and allies too. Really funny to bounce it off the back of a Montanna’s thighs that hasn’t noticed me and nailing his Miko in the face with huge balls of doom. The augment that lets you dump your shields for more damage for them is amazing, since Kleese has around 750-900 shields if you’ve got a shield cap item, dumping that into pure damage makes for some really nasty burst. I’ve had ISICs and Montys back off and nearly half health from a direct hit before, but the down side is if you use it and they surprise you you’re dead. So for example, if there’s a large minion wave, bounce it off one of em and watch it pinball around to hit all / most of them for non-diminishing damage. Get the shield heal helix at level 1 and the shield dump at 2 and watch your mortars pinball between allies, restoring shields like crazy.

1- the wrist cannon helix is not a must have in my opinion, the damage it deals is admittedly brokenly high but this is a case of poor balancing and does not make or break Kleese, more akin to a bug that needs to be fixed. If you have good accuracy you will likely steamroll people with it but that doesn’t mean it’s required to play Kleese as the optimal ranged artillery and semi support.

3- I assume you mean the +1 rift helix? Two things, it adds another link to your rift chain if you took that helix. I don’t know how much of a boost each rift is so it’s tough to tell if it’s worthwhile. The second thing is that you can obviously have 4 rifts active total which can be a major bonus on pvp maps. Rifts are Kleese’s second most beneficial presence on the battlefield (first being heal chair, in my opinion at least) this essentially let’s you have a presence in multiple places of a map. One rift is very ineffectual in pvp except when deployed in an active engagement but two or three becomes something your opponent has to deal with.

4- there isn’t much to say about the bouncing balls. They do bounce on enemies sometimes while dealing damage but that doesn’t appear to be true for enemy battleborn making it mostly useless in pvp. I still take it anyway as I feel the other helix choices on that level are pretty disappointing as well.

Hello, will give ya my opinion regarding your questions, however its just my opinion and not set in stone :slight_smile: Altho i do have Kleese Mastered and have played quite a bit in both pve and pvp.

  1. For your Helix lvl 3 skill in pve I personally choose Don’t Tase Me Bro, as your shock taser does considerable dmg when able to tag 2 mobs, and drops shields nearly instantly not to mention it doesn’t miss and bypasses all shields. By shields i mean actual shields, same applys to characters in pvp too. Quantum Precision is also great however, IF you are near perfect aim and are able to hit just about every shot it does out perform his regular wrist cannon shots. In pvp i jump between the two, quantum is nice for squishes and don’t tase me is nice for wrecking players like Galilea, Boulder, Isic etc etc.

  2. What your experiencing is just a graphical bug. There is no time limit on the rift network, what your seeing happens quite often, but again just a bug the rifts are still connected.

  3. For the lvl 6 Helix, either it be pvp or pve i always choose Bulk Savings. Especially in pve, being able to drop 4 rifts is OP lol Once you know the maps and know where mobs will spawn, anchors drop etc etc you can pre-plant 1-2 rifts at each location and go attack another. Renegade map is a great example during the last defense point where the mobs spawn on two platforms, i can simply but two rifts on each and just chill inside, even in 5m and the only mobs i have to kill are the ones that spawn from anchors and break thru the glass. Kleese can really cheese most encounters if you can place your rifts down before hand. And for pvp, pretty much same reasoning. As for the other choices, maybe if i had 3 perfect CDR items (15% CDR from gear) then maaaayby i would chose Rift Farm for pvp only, you could drop the cooldown to about 7 seconds which would allow you to set up faster.

  4. Yeah Bouncing Balls of Death is a “meh” mutation lol no real use for it. It is “fun” tho i guess lol

Oh? I find the bouncing balls quite nice. Just earlier I banked a shot off a wall and nailed a Deande trying to run. Or hitting the center of a minion wave and they just ricochet around for massive damage. They deal damage to anything they hit. They restore allies’ shield per bounce if you get that augment, so if you aim it right you can restore several people’s shields since the restore doesn’t diminish per hit. So for example banking it off a Galli’s face into the Rath she’s fighting for a huge damage and shield boost on the appropriate fighters, likely bouncing right back into the enemy for even more damage…repeatedly. It’s not bad, it just takes getting used to. The burst is nice though. Rath ambushed me same game, nailed him point blank with the mortar barrage. Eating his whole shields and a gigantic chunk of his health in one burst made him back off.

  1. Taser is incredibly valuable in PvE. Try it on guardians or other enemies with tiny hatboxes and on thrall w/ shields. Level 3 helix is in line for a nerf, most likely, and I don’t like charged attacks for the same reason you stated, so never use it.

  2. Think that’s just visual. Other players don’t see it either, from what I’ve been told

  3. Half the PvE missions have defense objectives. There’s plenty of time to drop 4 rifts, especially if you start setting up before the waves begin.

Thank you for letting me know bouncing balls works that easy, I quit using him after I got his legendary, which is right around when I got that mutation :slight_smile:

Oh, and they level three mutation… If you can get two headshots on a squishy, they’re pretty much dead. Expect a nerf, use it while you can. I like it more then generic gun because of the propulsion speed - easier to kill snipers and keep them off your wrists. I believe it does more damage them Toby’s gun, fully charged, but takes approximately twice as long to charge. Taze is better for those silly geese like rath who try to jump me in my rifts.
My ten cents, but I think that mutation is a must have :slight_smile: