A few questions for the axton pros out there

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i have a few questions about axton, such as: is Gemini better than double up or no?
if i’m going for a pure kitten build which is the best tree to invest in?
what is the best class mod for this build and how do i get it?
is duty calls worth it just for the bekha or should i leave it alone?
what is the most OP skill in Axton’s skill tree? and why
And lastly is laser sight worth investing in?

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I’m no expert but i’d say Gemini and Double Up are good, and I use both. I know more expert players don’t use both though. The only thing I am certain of, however, is that Laser Sight isn’t worth it, it actually makes your turret(s) less effective.

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why’s that?

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Laser sight slows down your turret’s target acquisition. So it wastes valuable turret time.

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i did not know that thanks for the explanation

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i’m kind of a noob to axton as i have about 7 hours on him

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So, first I’m going to ping @Piemanlee, because Axton.
Second, Double Up is nice for auto slag, but it concentrates on one target at a time, so you can probably paint the field faster yourself. Gemini gives you some strategic options that a single turret doesn’t, so that’s to be considered. Nuke, the third option you didn’t ask about, is a killer early game and a knockback effect primarily late game. Third, I’d recommend any class mod that favors your build/playstyle. Engineer coms are good, Veteran coms for Tediore chucks (I think that’s mostly for raids, the Leg soldier works just fine for me), Grenadier if you like to go hard Torgue, but after that I know more about the leg coms. The leg soldier is a fantastic all around com, the leg engineer is also nice. Duty Calls comes up sometimes. It’s not a terrible skill, but it’s not great either. You could get down the tree any number of ways that will help you more. I hear the Bekah doesn’t really need help. Finally, I’m not sure he has any really OP skills. He does a lot of things well, but he doesn’t have any insane damage skills that I am aware of.


No - a puny 25% extra damage for 5 points? And the fire rate bonus is mostly useless because the only non-e guns worth using are Jakobs. And the only COM to boost it is the Specialist (there’s a use for it but I won’t muddy the waters with that).

Gunpowder I’d say - Metal Storm for example. Rifleman COM is a good bet.

Pie has already been pinged, but in the meantime :

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i appreciate all the help guys, this should help me get a good build together on my axton.


This is a quick and dirty build to go with the Kitten and a (purple, preferably) Rifleman COM.


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Most OP is Grit. It is so OP nobody uses it. Here is Puma listing it as the best skill for Axton.

I am part of the Grit Cult who likes it (if there is any).

Kidding Aside, Axton does not have an OP skills, however if you combine some of his skills it became overpowered and can kill raid boss in seconds.

If you have a free 2 hour of your time, here is Derch and Demonite talking about Axton Skill Tree and Gear Guide.

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Yeah, I’ve never heard this. Can we get some peer review here?

On topic, when I use Double Up for slag, I put a single point in Laser Sight so I can track who’s being targeted, which can get tricky when in the thick of things with debris and explosions obscuring the battlefield.

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I prefer double up, but both are great skills, if you want to focus on your turret take both

Legendary soldier is almost always a good fit. Rifleman would be good also. Preferable with metal storm as the main boost

Duty calls is a skill i only use when i go full jakobs

The 1 skill i’d never pass up is Ready, but i can’t pick his most OP skill beyond that

No. It doesn’t make your turret worse, but it’s not worth it



Because it’s only worth it at 10/5. Otherwise it’s a waste of five. But nat swears by it, so…

This controversy seems to have been going on for years. I recall - before I started playing Axton - that what paulo said was true : that it slowed its target acquisition. Was this a claim that got disproved?

:rofl: - yep, sorry nat. But it’s Puma.

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Piemanlee coming in with the huge help thanks bud

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Never been a fan of “might keep you alive when everything else fail” skills. In gaming in general.
Beside some specific situation. Like in Diablo (3) Hardcore characters. (Where the skills will keep you alive.)

That said. Yes it can be Op.
… Or not. :expressionless:

Honestly. I’ll go with that.

My “most depended on skill” would be. Steady.
Because of the grenades damage buff and I use the Kerblaster a lot.
As well as Fastballs of course.
The one skill I would call “Must absolutely have” is Longbow. Nothing close to being game breaking but… Unless you’re looking for a very specific raid build. There’s simply no strategic turret placement without it.
Which bring me to Mag Lock. That is, imo, the ultimate “strategic turret placement” tool.
As for Double Up. Used to depend on it. Believed it was a “must have”.
Then @Jefe introduced me to the Gemini/Nuke.
Yup. Skills combination rather than one “breaking game” skill.

That. Is a good advice if you want to go the Double Up route.
You want to focus your firepower on your (slagged) turret target. Not convinced Laser Sight slow your turret(s) as much as some might say but it (they) certainly don’t benefit much from somewhat increased accuracy. One point is ok to help track which target your turret(s) are firing at but that’s about it.
All min/maxing aside.
Nuke is great for the knock back. Longbow/Mag Lock/Gemini for strategy. Gemini/Phalanx/Mag Lock for turret survivability.

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7 minute 31 second mark, demonite talks about laser sight

He is one of the best, lol. I always check his worst gun in the game videos and do some run using it. (fyi he listed the emperor as the worst legendary weapon). lol

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I just searched for laser sight and found a thread by Blutfatal that contained some videos that explained it. I didn’t watch the vids but from the replies I gather that its efficacy is situational. Like if it’s mounted up high it doesn’t target at ground level. @Adabiviak I was reciting what I’d heard. I’ve never tried it myself, but I’ve also never thought it seemed like it would be helpful. Your reasoning sounds good, so I might see if I can spare a point for it to see how it works for me.

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i think i’ll probably go with both gemini and double up, i think the extra explosion when you throw it down just looks cool but doesn’t do a lot of damage, also i’ll get rid of laser sight as there are better skills in that skill tree, so I appreciate it guys for all the help. :grinning:

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Your call. There’s many ways to play Axton. That’s one great thing about that character.
But just because…
At end game. Nuke is not about damage (much). It does more than just looking cool.
It move stuff around…
Like those pesky ION Loaders…
Want to meet them outside their shield bubble?