A few questions for the axton pros out there


While 26/15/26 build is overall the most reliable, don’t discount the power of double Nukes. Not so much for damage but for knock-back. Basically crowd control - a reverse singularity.

The build I posted for the Rifleman/Kitten combo can easily be reworked into double Nuke. But it would be more appropriate to combine that with a Hail instead as Steady’s grenade damage will boost the Hail’s splash.

I recommend trying it out when you get there regardless.

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No problem man, i don’t play bl2 anymore, but I’m always game for Axton talk

It’s been awhile since i watched the video that got linked, but IIRC the skill does exactly what it says. What it says is basically useless, but it doesn’t make your turret slower

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My first Axton was the standard build as laid out by @Jefe. My latest Axton uses a Nuke/Gemini build at OP8 and it’s very effective- toss out a couple of MM on a mob, deploy your first turret and watch their health and/or shields dissipate. Makes for a very easy clean up. Most folks have answered your questions so this is just my personal preference but overall the build I use supports the L. Soldier or L. Engineer and I love his shield skills- and Grit at 10/5 allows him to face tank constructors when needed, something only Sal and Krieg could possibly match…

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I have one more question, how many skills does axton have that are useless or nearly useless

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I’ve got limited experience with it, but i’ll always remember this moment…


two or three, I think. Laser Sight is one, Duty Calls isn’t useless but it’s so bad that it might as well be, and maybe one other i’m forgetting.

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Laser sight, crisis management, and last ditch effort are all really bad IMO.

Personally i don’t like ranger or nuke at all
And duty calls is very niche

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are the kills skills worth investing in?

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Onslaught and metal storm for sure
Quick charge depends on what shield you use.

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I can’t speak to Onslaught, but I did spec Metal Storm at @Piemanlee’s suggestion and that is killer. My toon using it focuses on Torgue gear and Tediore reloads, and dear lord does Torgue love Metal Storm. I shudder to think what it would do to Vladof guns. I have read in other threads that once the kill skills are up Axton is a beast, and he can keep chaining kills almost indefinitely with their help. I do like Quick Charge to keep my Big Boom Blaster up, and it has saved me respawn fees against DOTs on occasion.

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The gun damage increase isn’t the main reason i use it. The movement speed is so good for both offensive and defense

And yes the BBB is a good shield for QC

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My next Axton, or maybe the fourth because I still want to do full on tank Axton too, will use it for that reason. It’s weird I haven’t specced it yet because I take speed boosts when ever they are available, but I will do it.

And it so enables my Fastball addiction. :grin:

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Kitten build. Last 3 points wherever you need them. Swap forbearance for quick charge depending on the shield. Also built for com switches, hence the 1/5 skills

Tank build assuming no moxxie(this probably isn’t optimal at all)

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ok last question, is mag lock good or is it better to not use it and just use your turret for aggro?

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Onslaught is great, but then I do love movement speed boosts.

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I don’t use it, but that’s personal play style. You’ll have to try it out and see what works for you

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@Piemanlee Thanks for the tank build. That will certainly be a good place to start. I will hit you up when I get into that.

This. :point_up:
@TRKJ Mag Lock is something I love with Gemini and makes Longbow placement easier for me and allows for getting your turret more survivability by placing it in harder to reach places. It really comes down to what you use your turrets for, not necessarily what the best thing to use them for is.

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what i might do is use Gemini and have one turret up for slag, and one up for aggro, that might be a good way to use both turrets.

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If this is an intended part of your strategy I’d go maglock. It will allow you to put the first up high and use the second for aggro. If your first turret is up you can redeploy the second if it gets destroyed.

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ya that’s what i’m intending on doing