A few questions for the axton pros out there

(Captain Blade’s log day 6....) #41

The Legendary Ranger is my favourite mobbing COM. I mean Metal Storm, Onslaught, Quick Charge and Impact at 10/5?? I go double Nukes with that COM. I believe @Adabiviak does the same.

I can’t imagine life without Metal Storm. Get a kill and unleash a SWRDSPLSN and watch your screen disappear.

Mag Lock : I always take it but that again is play style. I like to pin them with Longbow just a bit above their head-height so that a triangle is formed around the target : they’ll typically go for the turrets and expose their backs to me.

(The doc is in.) #42

It’s better used for aggro…
Didn’t thought much of Mag Lock until I started using it.
Was a real “game changer” for me. I didn’t said game breaker. It changed how I play Axton. As I think I said earlier. It’s the ultimate “strategic turret placement skill”. imho.
Even if it’s placed “up high” (Which it doesn’t always have to be.) your turret will still aggro. Quite funny when you see a bunch of melee foe trying to jump at it! :smiley: Which mean it also help turret survivability in some cases.
Turrets placement become much easier. Especially at long distance.
It made playing Axton a lot more fun for me. That’s why I call it a game changer.

My favorite COM too. Axton first tier skills are so good the Leg Soldier is hard to pass. Even my build could probably better use the Leg Soldier. But I just love that COM.

(Carlton Slayer) #43

I like it for tactical usage- hanging a turret on a wall or ceiling will help keep the aggro off Axton and the other turret, allowing for more strategic maneuvering, laying down a possible crossfire, a distraction for a quick getaway, etc… As for bad skills I think Laser Sight takes first place, Ranger-even at 10/5- doesn’t seem worth it (and I have tried it) and while Crisis Management isn’t a bad skill, it almost seems as if it would benefit Krieg or Sal better (a Hellborn Krieg with Crisis Management and a RR? OMG …:laughing:)

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #44

ok so after a lot of consideration this is my final build…
Mega Explosive Build
Unkempt Harold
Shield: Antagonist
CM:Legendary Soldier
Relic: Stockpile/Explosive
Grenade: Magic Missile.
What do you guys think?
any thing i should change or do a little differently?

(Captain Blade’s log day 6....) #45

No Pressure? It’s a much better skill than Forbearance or Healthy.
And take 2 points from Overload and put them into Metal Storm.

I don’t find he really needs Moxxi and I personally prefer slag-and-swap with a Slagga (especially with the Leg Soldier boosting swap speed). So I’d be using more powerful grenades (Storm Front, singularites, Fastball, etc.).

The explosive relic will give you a lot more mileage than the stockpile.

Otherwise : :+1:

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #46

i’m not using pressure because my recharge delay is 1.43 seconds, and the reload speed is already good on my weapons
and i might try slagga, and will use chain lightning and magic missile, depending on what im doing and where i’m at.

(The Bearer of Pie and Best user of English) #47

What jefe said basically.

(Vanaria32) #48

Both are great, but Double-up is essential. In any case, one of the main reasons Gemini is great is because it, uh, doubles your double-up slag.

(Carlton Slayer) #49

Just my own thoughts here:
I’ve died more than a few times in FFL situations because of a reload taking too long- anything to speed that up is welcome, even though Able and Healthy would seem to go hand in hand. If you were using more AR’s I could see Overload but using 5 points just for 1 weapon doesn’t seem worth it. While the Explosive relic would work with all of your currently listed weapons having the Sheriff’s and Deputy’s Badges on hand couldn’t hurt. Also, Explosive Fastballs will get you out of a lot of FFL moments with Do or Die (aside from being a great weapon in and of itself). If you want to try it w/o the Grog try a Kerblaster in its place and if you really want to use Overload pick up a few Hails or Vladof spiniguns and see how you like them. If you really want to pump up your grenade stockpile take points from either Able or Onslaught and put them into Grenadier- having a dozen or more Fastballs to throw out can make short work of a lot of bosses. And if you use a Slagga you could do w/o Double Up and move that point elsewhere (if you’re using Double Up mainly for its slagging ability)…

(The doc is in.) #50

I think you meant Double-up?

(Carlton Slayer) #51

You are correct- late nights and early mornings… :laughing:

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #52

okay i made another build with my leg engineer and it seems to work better…

(The doc is in.) #53

Pretty much the same skills I have but more focused on my favorite COM…
ehhh…:+1: ?
I’d say can’t go wrong with that and have fun! :sunglasses:

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #54

thanks man appreciate the response :grin:

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #55

does the stinkpot go with grenade damage or no?

(The doc is in.) #56

Good question. Top of my head I would say no. Stinkin Stinkpot doesn’t do anything right…
Had to dig to be sure and Demonite’s Splash dmg thread seem to say to same thing. It’s pure splash so no grenade boost.
(Or crit for that matter.:angry:)

I imagine the question was about Steady
Wasn’t 100% sure so I tested it.
Nope. No help on the Stinkin Pot… :expressionless:

(Captain Blade’s log day 6....) #57

Again, why Overload at 5/5? If the only AR you are using is an Ogre, it can’t possibly be necessary : its mag is something like 100.

Metal Storm!! :metal:

(The doc is in.) #58

Yeah… Was meh about it. Didn’t want to be that sour old chap.
But now that you mention it… :sunglasses:
Could make sense if you rely heavily on the Kerblatser. Which I do. (One day I’ll have an Ogre. Just need to sync the team…)
But I don’t use it.
Plump (Mag size prefix) is enough for me.
Meal Storm 10/5 :metal:

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #59

I love the Stinkpot, but have only really used it with Zer0 (who can make it work quite well). I’ll give it to Axton today and see how he handles it.

(Is this thing on?) #60

I have one on my (still levelling) Nuke Axton. It’s… OK. He’s not at full build yet, though, so not the best comparison. The arc takes some practice to get used to - make sure you have dialled this in before you go full Metal Storm with it - but it will do in a pinch (especially if it’s the only corrosive weapon you have!)