A few questions for the axton pros out there

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #61

Yeah, I couldn’t get it to work well with Axton myself. I mean, it kills things, but not like Zer0 (haven’t tried it with others). Honestly, if Zer0 didn’t have my Jakobs allegiance and I hadn’t used the Stinkpot with him, I’d probably hit it with some OP or UCP love.

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #62

I think i found the build that works for me the best.
Favorite build thus far…
Thoughts? i took into consideration what you guys said, and it works good.
Btw my main gun that i use is the Ogre so that’s why i have 5 in overload
I’m using Leg Soldier class mod, and stockpile relic so my Ogre can have enough ammo, and the amount of damage I do is pretty significant without the Explosive relic, it works better for me than using the stockpile relic


Healthy is a great skill when combined with Able and Preperation : totally worth one point for the COM.

Since his healing is percentage based, the higher your max health, the more health you will regenerate per second. It doesn’t get you to max health any faster but it does a great job of fighting DoTs and incoming fire.

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #64

which is better Quick charge or Forbearance with the current build that i have?

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #65

Quick charge by a mile, i found forbearance only useful in the dragons fight and for my healthgate build.

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #66

ok thanks, i think that is my last question on Axton.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #67

Your build looks okay. I will second Boss Jefe on Overload though, and max steady and quick charge. But you have reasoning behind it so all good :+1:

(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #68

What’s the delay on your shield?

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #69

it’s about 5 seconds with an antagonist, i made sure to get a high delay to utilize my abilities with recharge delay.

(Bearer of Pie/Best user of English/Flat earth expert) #70

Ok yeah QC for sure with a 5 second delay shield


Was there a particular stat that you were looking for to sacrifice shield recharge? I guess an Anshin part would give to pretty high deflection chance but also extend delay.

Five seconds is a long time, even when you chop it down with his shield skills. If you had one with Hyperion parts, it would have higher deflection chance and its delay would be under 2 seconds. What this means is near-instant recharge so you “never” have a depleted shield.