A few questions (new to Mordecai)

That’s actually a nice GIF and something along the lines I was hoping for as an answer. I’m not planning on relying on Lethal strike but of course if I’m going to melee I’d rather aim for a crit to have it proc at max efficiency. That’s kind of a flash to spot it but it looks like you are aiming for the neck. Funny since aiming for the head or over it produces regular hits. Maybe it’s because his arms were down and not blocking it? Or do you always get this result?

I will admit that a lot of times, it seems when aiming for a spiderant’s abdomen I will miss more often than not.

I believe that the player has to be a certain distance away from an enemy for a melee hit to register; if it’s too close, then it’s as if the ‘hitzone’ extends beyond the enemy’s hitbox, and no damage is dealt.

PT2 Knoxx campaign was pretty fresh after the regular campaign was basically a run-through, being slightly overlevel through all of it. The enemies were mostly very even to my level.

Now that I kicked Knoxx’s behind it seems all of the stuff there turned lvl 61. It’s nice for the extra difficulty but now my approximatly lvl 45 weapons can barely tickle badass lance not to mention them downing me in 2 hits. On the bright side, the game is finally spitting out loot fit for my level so hopefully I can pick some new stuff up relatively quick to stand a better chance.

I did some try’s with longbow grenades and I still prefer transfusion. I was surprised at longbows high damage since the card says way less; I thought it would be comparable to transfusions pitiful damage. Still, transfusions were one of my saving graces when going against the lvl 61 mobs and I guess I’m just kinda used to it by now. I guess that’s just going to be a little personal quirk on my build.

I’m going OT on my own topic but I just thought it would be nice to post a little update on my progress in this game.

Knoxx’s DLC is pretty great. I always only play the DLCs in the second playthrough, and after Knoxx’s and Zed’s I never return to areas in the main story campaign.

Mordecai is the most fun to take through Zed’s DLC, I think. Grab a good revolver and go shoot some zombies in the head :stuck_out_tongue:

I grabbed recently found hellfire and went to shoot them anywhere to try it out. Seems DOT are really powerful in this game. Everythings made of flesh in that campaign and everything just melted. That campaign was capped low for me. Would it have changed if I’d done Knoxx first? Although I guess it doesn’t matter much for me, since I didn’t care much for that campaign. Knoxx would be awesome if it wasn’t for no fast travel and the damned highways. Driving straight roads gets boring pretty fast. Also, what the heck is up with that random barricade in the Ridgeway…

EDIT: I thought this would be the time to go grab my skillpoint from PT1 Underdome and it turns out Moxxi is much like Craw: adapting to your level despite playthrough. So I just managed to get grabbing those point much harder for myself. I tried again on a different arena. Running around the same place for ages is not my thing however and I was dead bored by the end of 4th wave again. Managed to take down McCloud and one of his 2 bulletsponge friends only to walk around a corner into what I’d assume was a proximity grenade thrown by one of them. 10 rounds back again, quit the game. GG Moxxi, GG. I’m not going to get those 2 skill points, I ****ing hate this DLC.

Just wait a bit until you’re geared up more. With appropriate level gear, Moxxi’s can be fairly fun (at least the 5 round arenas). But I also feel your pain, because I’ve had proximity mine grenades end more than a couple good Moxxi runs for me.

My recommendation is to go do something else for a bit, get ya gear up, and then come back afterwards. No use doing something right now if it’s only frustrating you.

Also a Bloodwing build shines in the Underdome.

Bloodwing is carrying me a lot and I did pick up a pretty good shield and a new sniper before getting there. I’ll admit, this would be a lot of fun with friends even though I generally hate these survival missions, just because they lock you in the same place for a lot of time.

I read there are safe spots on these maps but I couldn’t find any info on where they actually are located. Any pics or vids for this?

It’s a shame that you ran through Ned’s DLC over-leveled. I like going there towards the end of my game and getting lvl. 70 Defilers to spawn.

I skip over Moxxi’s DLC when I’m playing solo. It simply takes too long and is repetitive and isn’t much fun without friends. One of the big reasons I think Torgue’s DLC was received as well as it was, is because though it was advertised as an arena-type DLC, it wasn’t anything like Moxxi’s DLC.

I was plaing a bit again and stubborn idiot that I am, I thought I might as well end it with another try at Underdome. I did it, Hell-burbia down. Getting no shields and enemies doing extra damage for the final badass round and boss had me really tense throughout those 2 waves. Luckily Flynt’s cohorts don’t move unless you go near them and Flynt himself can’t land a hit when dazed.

EDIT: Well, would you look at that. I actually fire the game up again after doing some chores and went straight to Angelic ruins. I found a good place to start every round in so I beat it no problem. Or I guess I can’t say “no problem” since I went round 5 all waves with reduced accuracy which just made me camp out with Bloodwing and occasionally trying to land some shots. I got really lucky landing several criticals on the boss by just trying to aim at his chest. Only Gully to go and I’ll get my skill point.

EDIT2: Despite what I said while salty yesterday, I now managed to take down the last one too. I’ll have to see when I’ll have the energy to actually do it again for PT2. I’ll probably want some more upgrades for my gear before that. I’d assume it’s not any harder than PT1 since the enemies already scale to my level but my damage could definitely been better while in there.

I always preferred Longbow Corrosive Bouncing Betties as an accurate pre-fight softening-up system. Transfusions are good when you’re a bit squishy, though. Mord was the toughest to solo Moxxie with for me.

Longbow + Bouncing Bettie grenades don’t exist in the first Borderlands… :open_mouth:

Longview transfusion, corrosive BB’s. My memory is clearly er…what’s the word, you know, thingy…

Rubbish. That’s it. My um…wotsit…You know, that thing that remembers…

Memory! My memory is rubbish!

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Nine hours in chunks of 3 per 20 rounds. Would preemptively bathroom and food break again for four achievements. probably not

Why is the last round always Naked?

Alright folks, it was a fun ride. Thanks everyone for your replies, it was fun chatting about the game. I just killed Crawmerax for the first time. I tried it legit for a couple of times to see how he works but then I tried out the ledge and got the kill.

And with that I guess I’m done.

There’s still some stuff I’ve not done like underdome, circle of duty and Claptrap DLC on PT2. I could level up to 69 (currently 62). I could go achievement hunting but with stuff like Underdome big tournaments and killing claptraps until they decide to drop pizzas or bobbleheads I think I’ll pass up on that. The end game, at least for me, isn’t quite as appealing as BL2.

I’ll play it again some time. If there’s a steam sale and my friend buys the game I’ll play coop with him as Lilith but until then I’m going back to BL2. I used to play on console so for better or worse, I’m off to a fresh start in that game since I now have it on PC too. Toodles.

Shame. There isn’t an end-game, but there are three new games to play with each of the other characters.

I just had to say this as it’s one of the things that put me off of BL2, Bloodwing is a He, I know you’re referring to BL2 but Mr Burch got some things wrong imo.


OP mentioned they were coming in from BL2. Figured I’d stick to what they know. I’m not a fan of the inconsistency either.

It actually put me off for a while when Mordecai was calling Bloodwing a boy since like you said I came from BL2. I was like “wait, what?”. Doesn’t really bother me if you call the bird he or she, inconsistent as it is.

Bloodwing is only male in the first game. His gender changed halfway through his life.

Sorry no, we’ve been through this discussion many times on the old gbx forums and it boils down to the fact that Antony Burch just didn’t play the original and didn’t carry the lore over to the sequels.