A few random skill questions (Dominance, Take This, Success Imminent)

Greetings! Just a few random questions.

Dominance: Does it work on bosses? I have a vision where it does and it’s thus actually good, counting them as beasts with Bounty Hunter, applying a DOT which does 2% max health per second for 24 seconds and thus knocking them down by half if they don’t hit immunity phases, and having them aggro the adds instead of you. I imagine it does not, because that would be way more lame and useless, and I tend to assume when in doubt that is the way the game is designed.

Take This: Does it proc on ASE anointments? I have a vision where the anoint which has on break effects trigger on ASE also triggers on the pet’s shield if they have this and you use your Action Skill, potentially allowing for powerful and fun combos. Again I imagine it does not, because that would make it way more lame and useless.

Success Imminent: Does the nova still damage you/ your pet when triggered by the other? I imagine it does, because that would make this skill lame, useless, and busted, but hey. Gotta ask.

I think your question about Take This is whether the pet’s shield can give it the benefit of the ASS anoint, correct? You wanna do double Frozen Hearts, right? The answer to that is no. Because that also would have been a cool interaction, and so your assumption that this game is designed the opposite is correct LOL.

On the other two, it’s been so long since I played Fl4k that I honestly cannot remember, but someone will know LOL.

I think Dominance only affects certain bosses and not others. I don’t think the rad novas kill you, but the barrels sure do.

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I’m not sure Dominance works on anything big enough to call a boss? It’s the foundation for one of my builds, but I haven’t tried it on everything. The biggest thing I’ve Dominated was a large Maliwan mech in the Slaughterstar 3000 (Reaper? Hoplite? I swear it was bigger than those…) :thinking:

Iirc Dominance doesn’t affect any proper bosses. I’m not sure about named unique enemies though. In all fairness, just shaving a ton of health of any boss whilst also making them non-dangerous would be a bit much, even for a capstone skill.

Dominance doesn’t work on bosses. It does work on things like named Anointed and Hammerlock’s Hunt/Zer0 Targets, as well as their DLC equivalents. There might be exceptions, since I haven’t tried Dominating every single named enemy…but I have not found one yet.

Dominating adds doesn’t appear to draw boss aggro either which sucks :c

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The point of dominance is that other enemies will shoot each other instead of you. Don’t think it works on bosses, sadly. It’s one of Fl4k’s best skills.

The pet definitely does not trigger ASE anoinements, though it’s definitely not useless.

Success imminent does not, but it does when you’re standing in water. So um, don’t stand in water when you’re using it. Lol, it actually always gets me killed on the planet of Athena, because you spawn in water, and then the pet spawns next to you with it’s shield empty, which then fulls, triggers the skill, and then kills you. Try it if you don’t believe me.