A few simple tips, tricks, and enemy details

Hey everyone! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone posing anything on this type of subject (at least not a full on post) so I figured I’d throw a few little details out there about some tricks of the PvE trade. I’ll try to make this as organized as I possibly can and if anyone has any details they’d like to add it would be greatly appreciated!

-Do your best to save shards whenever possible and activate gear quickly and effectively. If you don’t need more shards for necessary gear let an allied player grab them. Don’t be a shard hog. It only hurts your team as a whole and you’ll get percentage of what other players grab anyhow.

-When defending an objective (on maps such as Renegade and Saboteur) be sure to set up at least one turret before the first wave starts if possible. It will help thin the enemy waves and make your job much easier. It isn’t required, but it can often be a good idea.

-Also in defense missions, keep one member near the objective whenever possible. Ambra and characters similar can set down things such as sunspots which can assist at keeping enemies at bay.

-If you intend to play a support character do try to utilize your support abilities for that purpose every now and then. Your team will greatly appreciate the help and it doesn’t prevent you from dishing out the hurt on those despicable enemies.

-Enemies can do a great deal of damage so always try to avoid head to head combat unless your character can handle the damage.

-AoE is your best friend in most situations.

Minion Robots:

-Gun/Blade Bots: Fairly simple and basic enemies. Tend to do low damage, but are firm believers in “quantity over quality”

-Boom Bots: Easy to kill and easy to be killed by. Always keep at a distance, but if they do manage to get close to you use a quick melee attack to bash them back a long distance where they will explode and damage enemies instead of you.

-Rocketeer Bots: Somewhat hardy and have the ability to fly. They aren’t too difficult to take down, but have great mobility and decent damage. My advice? Pretend your killing Benedict lol.

-Raptor Bots: Similar to Rocketeer Bots in their HP and damage. They constantly hover and can dodge roll to avoid attacks. Like most Minion bots their projectiles move somewhat slowly so keeping a decent distance and dodging their fire is possibly the best strategy, but watch out for their charge attack which can do a great deal of damage.

-Striker Bots: The ranged grunts and second most populace Minion units. They have shields and are a bit more resilient, but keep hitting them and they’ll go down before you know it.

-Deadeye Bots: Basic sniper units. They have no shields, but always stand far back taking pot shots at you for great damage. Best strategy I’ve found is to just rush and wail on them. They’ll go down fast.

-Ronin Bots: Do NOT let them get close if it can be avoided. Often they appear in groups of 2-5. These vicious bots will do major damage if they can get close enough to you. They are quite fast and have very powerful shields, but once you take down their shields they go down extremely quickly.They also have a ranged attack similar to Rath’s, but it is slow and easily avoided. Kleese is a great support to have against them considering he is a fabulous shield destroyer.

-Elite Bots: The “badass” unit of the Minion enemies. They have very high HP and good damage with machine gun bursts, but are quite slow and bulky. They will often go into a shielded state where only melee attacks will do more than 1 dmg per hit and will project a blue ring on the ground nearing the end of the state. Leave the ring before they come back online or else you will be stunned for a long time where the bot will have ample time to kill you. It can also shoot several grenades which detonate after a second or two and do an immense amount of damage that can kill you almost instantly. They have a critical spot on their face and a large one in the form of an exhaust vent on the center of their back. Attack these spots as much as possible.

-Bulwark Bots: Large bots which are a quite a bit like Elites. Avoid their fire and aim for their “face” and the large engine on their back and they’ll go down fast. They can shoot slowing projectiles that bounce around the map which can be quite detrimental so try to avoid them. They are also much more mobile than Elites therefore, more deadly.

Jennerit Thralls:

-Primal Thralls: Backbone of the Jennerit army. They’ll run at you and attempt to fight you in melee, but they’ll go down very quickly. They can appear in great numbers so avoid swarming at all costs. Occasionally, there will be one with a bomb on it’s back. Avoid close quarts combat with them.

-Evolved Thralls: Tough and powerful. These units are easily identified by their shoulder pauldrons and will rush you just as primal thralls will. Their attacks will occasionally have a pushback effect which can trap you in a corner. Do your best to keep them at a distance if possible and aim for their tiny heads to take them down quickly.

-Gunner Thralls: Basic ranged units of the Thrall army. They aren’t very dangerous, but can be in groups so aim for the head and avoid their fire as much as possible.

-Brute Thralls: Deadly combatants with high HP, damage, and defense. These Thralls wield a large shield that protects their body and part of their head. They will deal decent damage with their machine guns, but as long as you attack their heads or a red spot in the middle of their back they will go down fairly quickly.

-Beastmaster Thralls: This Thall should probably always take first priority in a fight. They wield a shield similarly to Brutes and a sword/spear which they will throw for some AoE damage. What makes them deadly is their durability and the fact that they summon several Primal Thralls at a time to fight for them while they keep their distance and will typically summon more thralls quite often.

-Bonecrusher/Enforcer Thralls: Deadly and durable enemies. Bonecrusher Thralls use two thunder maces and move at a semi-slow speed, but are able to bash the ground causing shockwaves which can knock you up temporarily. Enfocers also move slowly, but have guns which cause lethal damage. Aim for their large heads and attempt to stun them as much as possible.


-Skulks: Basic enemies. They have more HP than other grunts from the other enemy types, but move very slowly and their critical spots are basically already highlighted for you. Aim for their white faces and you can one shot them which makes them a non-threat.

-Scavens: Deadly and fast. The Varelsi Scaven are small powerhouses that often appear in pairs. They can often sneak up on you due to their size and deal incredible damage, but their HP isn’t much more than a Skulks so they will go down pretty fast as long as you are wary of your surroundings while fighting Varelsi so you can spot them before they can creep up on you.

-Marksmen: Similar to the Minion Deadeyes, the Varelsi Marksman will shoot you from a distance for a decent amount of damage. They will often teleport several meters to one side or the other when being attacked which allows them a small chance to run away or get your focus on another enemy. If there aren’t more pressing threats be sure to kill them quickly.

-Hunters: Tough Varelsi who can also teleport similar to Marksmen. They can shoot rapidly in short bursts and produce small shields which can reflect ranged attacks. If one has produced a shield simply run around it and aim for their face to take them down quickly.

-Berserkers: Melee specialists who will charge you and attempt to attack you at close range. As with most other Varelsi simply aim at their easily spotable face to take them down with ease.

-Defilers: Tough, tank-like enemies which use a gatling gun to attack. They can launch mortar strikes and erect shields similar to Hunters. They have high HP so taking them down can be a challenge, but their size makes them an easy target.

-Veil Walkers: These hovering Varelsi have shields (regular, not like those of Hunters/Defilers) and will attempt to attack at range for decent damage. They also have melee attacks for those who get too close. They can be quite deadly, but if you focus your fire on them you can take them down with relative ease. There are also versions without shields which are easier to kill, but have an AoE attack where they will create three waves of spikes around them which will knock you up and do massive damage.

Thank you for reading and again, if you have anything you’d like to add it would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

Natural Enemies:

-Golems: These hardy creatures may seem invulnerable at first glance, but are extremely fragile enemies once you start to aim at the glowing orb on their chests. They are somewhat slow, but will use a move similar to Attikus’s Pounce to get close for decent damage. Personal advice? Ambra wrecks them due to her primary attacks tracking or if you don’t have an Ambra AoE attacks such as Mike’s incendiary grenade work just as well. Another good tip to know is when facing a Golem Boss (Galactic Emperor/The Sentinel) they will often thrown giant rocks/snowballs into the air while in their “shielded” state. These spawn standard golem enemies so make sure to destroy them before they hit the ground!

-Blissbugs (pretty sure that’s what they’re called): Organisms that do not typically pose much threat. The larger ones can produce up to 7 small hatchlings to attack (14 if you don’t kill the first group before passing by the large one again) and deal minimal damage, but can be somewhat annoying is large groups due to the hatchling’s minuscule size.

-Japanman15 has also contributed some extremely good additions to the enemies list just below. Check it out!


Great work. Thank you.

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I would like to add a few notes for some enemies.
General rule of thumb for minion robotics enemies: If it has a shield, it has fairly low hp(bulwark bots excepted)
-Ronin bots: their crosswind attack slows you so be aware of that.
-Raptor bots:Their crit spots appear to be on the jets they use to float.
-Elite bots: their crit spot is on their back(or the back of their head for pvp). These guys can launch grenades which can deal up to 1500 dmg! be very careful of this when engaging from the front. Another note: is you forcefully break an elite out of its bubble, it stuns you anyways and they’ll return to their bubble as the next thing they do.
-Bulwark bots: they also have a slow(the little orbs things they launch) and are immune to stuns. The only time they will be stunned is the first time that you break their shields.
On to Jennerit enemies. The best way I’ve found to deal with the ones with shields is to go for the legs. This will stagger them and expose their heads. Note: beast-masters can’t be crit while they have their shields up(the recharging one)
On to Varelsi then. It would seem that EVERY type of varelsi has a ranged attack. This has probably been the end of many a defence mission.
-Skulks: They are actually quite powerful and deal a lot of damage.
-Scavens: The bane of my(and defence missions) existence. These guys do about 400 dmg per hit and hit fast. Go for these guys before everything else.
-Hunters: They can make a field around you that stops you and allies from getting through it, while letting other varelsi and enemies(?) through.

Hopefully this helps ppl ^^.


Uh, I thought shards were distributed among the players equally in the campaign? If not, that’s a terrible design decision.

No. The individual who picks them up gets the full amount while those who don’t only get maybe 50% of it. It’s not really a terrible design. Loads of games have systems like that and in this case even if you never pick up any shards yourself, you’ll still gain plenty to activate gear or build things. In beta they had it where you’d only get what you picked up and people would always rush off to take whatever shards they could for themselves.

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Thanks OP and Japanman15 for the advice.

I think for veil walkers, they have a similar mechanic to stalkers in bordrerlands, where so long as they have a shield up they can phase around the map and are generally hard to kill. So if you see one of them do that weird distortion thing where you can’t damage them, wait for it to materialize and focus on bringing down it’s shield.

You get 100% of the Shards you pick up and your team gets 20% of them.

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This post has some really osm tips, I thought this was a great one in particular

but a lot of great tidbits here.

Pretty sure it’s not only jennerit enemies, you generally can’t land cross while the enemy has a shield up

Love this. Was just thinking about starting a topic for ai crit points, as I know there are some I can’t find (had a friend mention an initially shielded crit spot on the back of spider sentry legs?), and they can make the mission much easier. I’ll see about getting some screenshots to add to this topic instead of making a new one.

I would add comments on the ability of Primal, Evolved, and Gunner Thralls to throw grenades, and Thrall Brutes grenade launch that creates the red circle indicator on the ground that does some pretty massive damage.

This may have been addressed I’m not sure since I don’t remember the actual name of the enemy


I keep seeing people shoot the shield until it pops out. A quicker & easier way is to just shoot the foot of that enemy. They will go down for a second or two in which case you can get several headshots in that time and kill them

A lot of people try to go toe to toe with these enemies and die. I’ve even seen Montanas try to out-gun these guys. It is very handy to use your [Quick Melee] button on these guys and just push them into a wall. So if you are in a 5 man PVE run up to the enemy and just keep punching them away. It momentarily stops their shooting while the other 4 teammates can unleash damage instead of having to try and look for cover. Granted, this means you will have to take initiative and might die in the process if your team doesn’t want to help you kill the big enemy. But more times than not my team will see me do this and help me