A few suggestions for future patches

Hey guys, lovin’ the game but there’s a few of things I’d like to see modified.

  1. Reorganize the loadouts.
    I like building and editing my loadouts, but I would also like to re-arrange them. Just a simple drag and drop. Not really a game changer, but it would help satisfy my OCD. I know I can just un-build and re-build my loadouts, but that’s tedious.

  2. Change characters
    There’s been several matches where we pick our characters at the same time and end up with shitty team comps. I’d be nice if either A) you make it where we can change characters, or B) the “lock in” part happens later, so we can see a team comp before it becomes irreversible.

  3. Reduced Allied Collision
    Nothing infuriates me more than when an ally doesn’t get the ■■■■ OUT OF MY WAY. A lot of the collision that exists in this game… I … understand(?) but Jesus, that ■■■■ is ridiculous. I doubt you’ll remove it, but could you at least tone down the allied character collision? Like, make the hit boxes smaller? Somethin’?

  4. Stay with PUB players
    Would it be possible to remain with the same team after a PUB match instead of being kicked back to the main menu? There’s a bunch of really awesome people I’ve come across in PvE and PvP PUB matchmaking. It’d be nice if we could stay in the PUBs we’re assigned to. I think it’d also help speed up matchmaking.

  5. Miko’s Heal Beam
    Could you add some advanced option or something to make it work more the TF2 Medic’s medigun, where it locks onto people I’m healing, and I don’t have to hold right-click. Also, there is kinda a priority issue with it not jumping to a player and going to a minion.

  6. Co-op Gear Distribution
    Please put all the single items we get from the campaign in a “to be sorted” container that works like opening a loot pack, where it asks us if we want to store or sell it before it goes in the bank. Sifting through my inventory by toggling between “sort by new” and “sort by type” to compare new gear to old takes too long. I wanna kill bitches, not manage an inventory.

EDITS: Fixed my horrendous spelling, and finished the meltdown game I was in so I could actually finish this post. MINREC BE PRAISED!

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I support these change ideas

  1. It would be a nice feature.

  2. This to would be nice. A way to show people what you want/willing to play and give them a chance to pick around it if they want to instead of the current system where people seemingly only get to see what you choose after you lock in your character pick.

  3. Being addressed in an upcoming patch Upcoming Patch Notes, per BB Sub Reddit

  4. For this, you can go to the scoreboard post game and select their names to open their profile to sent messages to, to address your desire of playing with them again. Although I guess it would be cool if you were given a choice to remain and play another round right then and there after 30 or so seconds.

  5. Aiming with Miko’s heal beam does feel a tiny bit wonky when multiple ally units are in your field. Personally I kinda prefer the “Hold down to remain healing” mechanic as it is right now. It means less room for error such as accidentally hitting it again and healing someone else that I didn’t mean to.

  6. From what I can see, your newly acquired gear is shown to you post game after completing a mission. The first screen that appears where your score is being tallied, it will show you the gear you manged to acquire one by one. Also if I’m not mistaken, all newly acquire gear is listed on the top row of the gear bank, starting from the newest to oldest. So if you do skip the post game screen, you can just see your gear that way.

  1. I mean something like how Rainbow Six: Siege handles it. I don’t think that Steam has a limit to friends, but I know that Playstation does, so trying to add every single person I come across to my list of potential teammates would be ridiculous.

  2. Yes, if you have it set to sort newest, but once you have a lot of gear (I’m pushing 100) trying to compare your newest gear to what you had before is obnoxious, so I like sorting it on “type” that was I can easily compare gear to like items. I guess another easy way to address this would be to add a little text that said “new” over the item icons, so you can tell which is which. I like maximizing my load-outs to suit the Battleborn I like using, so I’ll want different versions of “+7 HP a second” depending on what the negative effects are, or the cost or quality of an item. I have load-outs specifically for Rath, Galilea, capture maps, playing support, Kelvin on capture vs. Kelvin on Meltdown, etc. Because of that, my inventory is getting kinda full, so anything to help expedite my in between game sessions would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Fair enough. It wouldn’t hurt to have it.

  2. For this, it sounds like simply adding a Compare feature would assist you the most. You select the gear you want to compare, then a new screen pops up showing that gear and its stats while your browse through all of your other gear. Categories in general would be nice to have though.

I only read the first post from that link, but it clearly says the fixes are for maps only. Not player-player collisions.