A few suggestions for lore challenges

while most challenges in battleborn can be completed in a small amount of time there are a few which can be pretty problematic and downright impossible for some, here is a few of the challenges that i believe are generally the most annoying/difficult to get, along with some suggestions for what they could be changed to.

first time posting something like this so go easy on me :stuck_out_tongue:


rocket jump professional
glide for 3 hours (10,800 seconds)

a bit to long amount if you ask me suggest lowering to 2 hours

the tour
play 5 matches on a team with at least 3 other peacekeepers

as it stands if your a random playing this game without a group then chances are you will never get this challenge done, during the open beta i played 80+ games with benedict and i did not get a single bit of this challenge done i believe changing it to play 20 games with 1 other peacekeeper on your team is much more manageable longer sure but atleast it now becomes doable


play a match on a team composed of all eldrid teammates

once again if you dont have a group your screwed changing this to while unarmed punch 50 enemies in a match 5 times this would make the challenge longer yes but doable may even be a bit more fun aswell


soaring reputation
double jump 1,600 times

suggest lowering amount to 1,000-1,200 maybe, i dont play caldarius much so im not sure how many jumps you would do per game or how fast you would complete this but at first glance it looks to be to high an amount

el dragon:

the fall of the luchador
destroy 1000 minions with dragon splash (his belly flop move)

i can only imagine the sheer hell of trying to grind this challenge suggest halving the amount atleast


the first battleborn
acheive first blood in 10 matches as ghalt

lower to 5


micro macro mist me
stun 3 enemy battleborn with sublimate simultaneously,25 times

suggest lowering to 2 battleborn 15 times


slow,not dead
kill 500 enemies affected by black hole

lower to 300


everybody just calm down
slow 5 enemies concurrently with hailstorm a total of 20 time

not really a hard one but suggest lowering to 3 to make it a bit easier


the best defence
kill 1000 enemies with laser pistol

bit grindy lower to 750 perhaps


spry sprite spray
kill 20 players with volley while airborne

ive seen quite a few posts complaining about this challenge and its difficulty suggest changing to kill 30 players with volley (no bunny hopping required)


kill 20 enemies with bergs self-destruct mechanism

toby is a tank staying alive is his thing so having a challenge that requires him to die is a bit of a d**k move, suggest changing to boost jump 30 times in a match 5 times

killing on rails
get 10 double-kills with core discharge

trying to time this just right is pretty hard and very frustrating when it doesnt work out, suggest changing to damage 2 battleborn with core-discharge 10 times removing the double-kill requirement makes this significantly easier

whiskey foxtrot:

sticky situations
stick grenades to enemy battleborn 50 times

lower to 30

some find me repulsive
knock back 2500 enemies with scrap cannon

way to high lower to 1000

and i believe that is all the truly hard/annoying/grindy challenges if you got a suggestion for a challenge change feel free to post :smiley:

I agree some changes would be nice; especially Toby…as those 2 both suck. Even in beta trying my hardest i never got self destruct and only one double kill.

I will say the cald one could be lowered, but it isn’t ab issue for me. I double jump just to move on map since it is faster than walking or sprinting.

Cald’s double jump one is probably his easiest, because no matter what you’re doing, you’re gonna be double jumping. Completely agree on the Toby ones though- I don’t know if they changed the damage from beta, but from my experiences there, Railgun >> ult. Also seems kind of meh to force Toby to grind xp for the explosive mutation, although once you have it and actually get to level 7 in game I’d wager it’s pretty easy to get in story.

Damage seems the same. Railgun is better than ult. Ult cant kill a sinle battleborn, so you must weaken two and then ult hoping they didnt run…or kill you.

I think Toby is a great character, but that lore challenge needs to be changed or his Core Discharge should be seriously buffed.

I agree with like all of this, but I’m surprised there is no mention of Whiskey Foxtrots 500 melee kills. That is downright cray cray

I’m on board with most of these, maybe even lower some more than you suggested. Except for Thorn’s one, it took me a while and quite a few matches but maybe I just had no complaints because I’m good with her :stuck_out_tongue:

The one I’m having the most trouble with is Deande’s top left, kill 500 enemies with the element of surprise. I’m not sure if this means killing enemies while cloaked or killing enemies from behind but either way it’s a bloody ridiculous challenge that needs to be either lowered significantly or changed altogether.

Edit: Oh wait I just figured it out, that’s her passive lol >.< Still, it’s only active for 3 seconds after uncloaking, that’s just too much grinding for such a specific challenge. Deande’s quite weak in PvE and in PvP you’re almost always saving your Holotwin ability for enemy Battleborn not wasting it on minions, this is a terrible lore challenge.

Only one I think deserves mentioning also is galelia killing ambra I have yet to come across an ambra enemy player

You guys know that self destruct sequence works in the story, right? I recommend the “sentinel” mission, as there are multiple groups of 5 primal thralls that you can allow to kill you; took me four deaths in one match. Killing on rails is easily the hardest lore challenge in the game though; in over 50 matches with Toby (my main), i had roughly two dozen opportunities to pull this off (with both players having less than half health). Every single time i either got double-teamed and killed, my kills stolen, had core discharge cancelled during it’s ridiculous 2-3 second wind-up time, or had one or both players run. I have every other mastery requirement met, but i know this one will never happen unless Gearbox (hopefully) changes it; because i absolutely refuse to set up a match with two of my friends on the opposing team to help me grind this. It’s unfair to both teams, and opens up a whole new world of problems. Honestly, Gearbox ought to just allow lore challenges to be completed in SOLO private PVP matches; the CPUs are decent enough to not make challenges such as killing on rails a complete walkthrough, as well as give players the option to grind certain lore challenges outside of the story. I’m sick of getting dealt teammates who sit at base and grind thier challenges out, because they gimp the team.

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Toby’s Killing on rails is the hardest one Ive ever come across and Ive completed 6 characters lore. I’ve played many battles with Toby and have managed to get 3 but Its so very situational, even playing with a full 5-man team that is willing to back off and let you get kills. You have to have two enemy at low enough health and they have to stay near you with out killing you while the ability winds up, its ridiculous to expect this. His ultimate seems like one of the weakest in game too incapable of killing a single enemy that still has shields up. This needs to be changed. The rest really aren’t an issue yea a little grindy but they’re doable on story or with time.

Dude. Where does it say that Toby is a tank character? His health is lower than most other bigger characters. Shields can be buffed only a bit. Nothing tanky. It’s like saying same about Shayne & Aurox.

Killing on Rails for Toby is easiest done on Echelon as people tend to group closely at several different points on the map. He is also pretty good on that map.

And by easiest, I mean it is still freaking ridiculously hard… just not as insanely ridiculously hard as other points on the map.

I think that change should maybe be changed to 2 kills or assists instead of 2 kills.

Also, the Montana one is really really easy. I got it before I even read his lore challenges by just playing when i first got the game. It might sound hard, but his rate of fire makes it easy.

I agree with some of the PvE challenges being lowered, but most of the PvP ones need to be CHANGED. Toby’s and Ghalt’s are just ridiculous, and the Ambra kills are like winning a lottery just to get a CHANCE to kill her. Round out this list with challenges like Thorn’s volley-in-the-air kills (which don’t always count), and you have to wonder if the person/team who came up with these wasn’t just trying to troll the players.

Did anyone consider that a lot of players feel their time is wasted when they pick a character they don’t enjoy playing to make an attempt at some poorly conceived challenge only to be stuck playing that character when either they are beaten to their one shot at progress (first blood) or the one character they need isn’t chosen by the enemy team (Ambra)? I finished Galilea’s challenges in a day with the exception of the Ambra kills. Am I really supposed to keep picking her, ignoring progress on other challenges, on the off chance someone might pick her? You know, since I see an Ambra on the enemy team less than 1 in 10 matches… It might be tolerable if I liked playing Galilea, but that just adds to the frustration and feeling of wasting my time.

It’s been stated before, but the PvP challenges are not balanced compared to most of the rest of the challenges. At least with the PvE challenges, if you’re not very skilled, you can farm these in private matches without players actively working against you or in competition. Some might still be difficult, but at least the game doesn’t steal your kills or take the objective of the challenge and run behind a spawn barrier for the match.

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Lore thread #1308. I’m having some faith they are watching and listening.

Quick edit: if anyone is up for woodsworn (bolder playing with 5 eldrid) and queue with 4 friends. HIt me up on psn: ennzo. Should only take 5min to all pick bolder and jump off a cliff on hardcore.