A few things I'm interested about the dev's stance on. AMA sometime?

One of the things that can be a bit of a turn-off these days is when there’s a very clear complaint but we don’t know if the devs are aware of it/planning to address it. Overwatch, for instance, puts out occasional dev updates, and they quite frequently mention things that are way down the pipeline, but they’re basically saying “we know, and are thinking about it”. That kind of reassurance goes a long way in this age of post-launch development and fierce competition for free time.

Anyway, here’s some things I’m curious about (disclaimer: I do not follow the dev streams, apologies if these were already mentioned there):

  • What is Gearbox’s stance on making mayhem mutators optional? There was no mention of this in the recent dev post on their website, despite the mutators being very contentious to say the least. I reckon only a minority likes the system as it is now
  • What is Gearbox’s stance on RNG mitigation, more specifically anointment rerolling in some form? Do they want the god rolls to “feel special”, i.e. have us grind? Or do they envision a scenario where we mostly use what we find randomly (this being made easier by powerful anoints)? Or do they like the idea but lack the time right now to implement something? Another widely discussed topic here, on which I’d be interested in their opinion, but as far as I know they’re not on record about it.
  • Do they have any ideas percolating about currency sinks (besides the quest reward stuff in Earl’s shop). The quest reward stuff seems to indicate they also see that currency is pointless after while. Are they fine with cash falling out of use, with eridium being the “end game currency”? Could there be stuff for both cash and eridium?
  • Could there ever be a session browser, or are they sticking to automatic matchmaking, and perhaps adding features to that?

A reddit AMA or something hosted by GBX would be pretty neato, in my opinion.