A few thoughts on M10, lik only guns scaling up

I have a few things:

  1. I am super excited about this. I played for about an hour at lunch and enjoyed it. It was cool. I think this has a lot of potential. Although, I’m slightly worried about…

  2. Who else has the same experience at literally only guns are scaling? I have not seen a scaled grenade or shield from what I can tell.
    – this applies to Action skills, like Iron Bear, who has zero increased damage at M10, making him sadly useless again for DPS, unless you equip utility items
    – Grenades
    – melee
    – hair style bonuses (okay not real, but a kid can dream, yes?)

  3. a few of the “Very Hard” modifiers feel unplayable in large crowd environments like slaughters or even crowded rooms, like the one with the ghosts or whatever they are.

P.S. How do I know what “Mayhem level” an item i received is for? My only reference is if I happen to remember the original damage. e.g. the Krakatoa used to have ~13K dmg, so if i see one with 30K dmg, i know it’s for a higher M level.


You can’t even go by item score, I just picked up a 23k Krakatoa in M5 and its item score is lower than the normal 13k one!


Yeah i noticed that. It’s kinda funny

I think they kept their promised. It’s a TOTAL MAYHEM :rofl:


This Mayhem Mode 2.0 release so far is 100 times more ridiculous than I ever thought possible. The mode has been out for a couple hours and already people are finding major issues that ANYONE playing or designing this game for just a few hours would have had to notice.

Gearbox, I’m always grateful to you for bringing us Borderlands in the first place, but you guys seriously gotta hire some more competent programmers.


I think that’s not programmer but designer that are the issue. I mean seriously, did they even tried the game? Or did they do any math? Man …

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When I first got a M10 gun, I actually was not certain if the Mayhem 2.0 drop was actually working since it was a gun that I don’t use much hahahaha

Played bout 1 hour in Mayhem 10 got a hippity hopper with the after granade throw get more damge actionskill dmg etc buuuuuuuuuuutttt the nade did exactly the same dmg as my last one even the annoint was the same xD

The drops in the cartels event aren’t scaling at all! Not even the guns

That’s probably going to be my main turn-off in the long run.
In Borderlands 2 you could at least see the OP level of your guns: if you wanted to drop to OP 1 and only use your OP 1 gear you could do that without issues.
I’ll get my feet wet in this new Mayhem just to check out the new modifiers in action, but then I think I’ll stick to playing mostly without Mayhem, at least until they allow us to switch off the modifiers.


I think action skills, melee, and grenades should scale. I actually like that shields, relics, and COMs don’t scale. Doing that would push away from certain builds and be BL2 OP levels all over again.

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I honestly hate the big head modifier and the link with close enemies.
Big head is just weird and the link forces you to kill the enemy fast but the hole point of M10 is that you don’t get to kill the enemy fast.

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