A few thoughts on (Rakk) Fl4k on m10

Ok, I get that. That besstmaster part especially. Fl4k is not really what Gbx promoted prior to launch. More like a lone wolf with stuff attached to him;-)

Would be okay, if the stuff at least did some damage.

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I didn’t like the Recursion at first either, but damn is it powerful. Not trying to change your mind or anything, but with the right spec the Recursion is a beast. It is fun to just delete an entire room with it when the enemies get grouped up (or even if they are not sometimes). Add in Two Fang and it just goes everywhere. On hit, you can actually get up to 8 total reflecting projectiles (upon hit) from the single shot version (one from shield, grenade, and weapon all with elemental ASEs, times 2 for a double shot from Two Fang), or 12 total projectiles from the x2 version (same principle, I think my math is correct here).

Maybe you have given it a second shot already and still don’t like it, but if you haven’t given it a fresh test in a while, you should. Crazy weapon. I bet one with the elemental explosion anointment would also be a beast, though the ASE or 100% weapon damage version are king.

I don’t know, I think the 125% splash is #1 here. Gives a 125% boost that is in it’s own spot in the formula, and as an added side effect it buffs Rakk damage too. :wink:


So you do know for certain that the 125 splash anointment benefits Rakks? I was speculating about that earlier with @Psyr3nPrinc3ss, but I have never tested it.

And you are correct, I have had a 125 splash one before too and it is a really good option too. I just like the extra projectile from the ASE anoint more.

Yes, Rakk and Gamma get splash.

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Cool, thanks! I was surprised that apparently a lot of people don’t know that you can infuse the Rakks with multiple elements. I also learned something new today! :wink:

Always, always go for N2M, and ASE elements for the recursion. This gives it extra projectiles. The best possible set up is 2x version with 50% two fang (via deadeye), and 2 ASE element anointments. I use the cryo recursion because enemies can’t shoot back when they are frozen, and they also cannot avoid the projectiles when frozen.

I actually find that shock is the better element for the Recursion because shields resist cryo. Really, the ideal setup is to shoot a shock Recursion anointed for cryo or fire ASE with corrosive and radiation ASEs on your shield and grenade. Then you have an element to deal with almost every type of enemy.

The elemental explosion is Gunner anointment afaik. I really got excited when it first dropped, but it usually says Gunner anointed or it has no anointment text at all, so I think it’s a bug like Amaras 75% radiation not showing that it’s siren specific sometimes.

I try the recursion from time to time, I have it in my backpack, crap anointment unfortunately too, but yeah, I know it’s powerful I just don’t like how it feels, I have that a iot with Maliwan…
I’ve been a Jakobs fan since start, and also Dahl, opq is the first atlas I like, and there are only a few maliwan I use, like cutsman sometimes, and each time I think let’s try the recursion again I just don’t enjoy it. I still have it with me and try it on different occasions cause I’d love to like it. But so far it only did the trick for me against wotan. I won’t give up though :laughing:

That I learned very early. Also that they count as splash. I just never thought it as far as to go for the splash anointment because of it. On splash weapons I kept it sometimes, but if the weapon itself didn’t have splash I didn’t bother. On m4 with rakk pak I also never felt the need to make rakks even stronger- and I guess with the little damage they do now on m10 the splash anointment won’t save them either?

It depends on the situation somewhat. I don’t have trouble getting past shields in the slaughter shaft. Haven’t tried shock, but did radiation in the slaugher shaft. They don’t freeze as fast. I’d rather have enemies frozen immediately.

Unforgiven also boosts Rakk when they crit, kinda. Since Rakk gain extra elements, the extra elements gain the crit damage(or so my “testing” said). I have seen cryo damage numbers hit 1m on crits and I don’t use the cryo Rakk, but I have 50% cryo on my grenades.

Unless they changed it, that elemental nova annoint works on all characters. But it does say it’s for Moze

I get it, to each his own. Was just presenting another option. I always like not having to switch elements to match, so being able to shoot enemies with a weapon as powerful as the Recursion AND get all the elements is really nice.

I have never messed around with crit-swapping on the Rakks, but the Rakks definitely can crit. I am not sure whether this happens as a result of Megavore, but you can definitely see the Rakks crit almost every time you cast. Sometimes multiple crits.

What @vCarpeDiemv said is 100% correct. This anointment works on all characters. I personally believe this likely was the intention, because none of the anointments from the new DLC are character-specific (at least toy knowledge - they all are usable by any VH. It would be weird if there was just this one Moze anointment. This is one case where the card is just plain wrong, I think. Not deceptive, just incorrect.

Honestly at this point they just forcing fl4k to be more and more discount Zer0 since thats the only thing they have experience with.

Okay, that’s weird, on the dummy it didn’t work. Will have to try elsewhere then. I didn’t get it too often, so the guns I gave to Moze players are no big loss. Only a beainstormer was a good one, but that I gave to hubby, so it’s not lost. I was thinking it’s just bugged for not saying Moze so I didn’t want to try, see how cool it is and then be disappointed when they fix it. On the other hand it’s weirds that Moze should be the only one getting a new specific anointment.

It needs to be on something with a high DoT. I got a Scourge with it last night that is kinda fun. Kill o Wisp, Lump?, Hellshock and Storm(when they fix it) would be good options with it.

So the bonus elemental ase isn’t enough to tirgger it? Or just increases the nova when it has high dot? Because it just dropped on a Duc :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

It is based off of the elemental DoT produced by that weapon. So if you have 10k DoT, it will deal 60k on the novas. The Higher the base DoT value on the weapon, the more the novas will deal. I got it on a cryo Laser-Sploder and a Lucky 7 as well. Those seem like memes to me, unless there is some kind of hidden mechanic with elemental annointments.