A few thoughts on (Rakk) Fl4k on m10

Yes, people call it Rakkslag for short.

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“Rakk slag” (as the kids call it) is the “Enemies damaged by Rakk Attack take 100% increased damage for a short time” anointment. I believe, based on what I currently have discovered, that this is presently the anointment that you are going to want on all weapons for a Rakk build going forward, with M10 as it stands now. 100% weapon damage on ASE simply is not quite enough any more. You really want the rakk slag.

EDIT: To be clear, this anointment applies to damage from all sources, I believe, and not just weapon damage. That is why you want this anoint. It amplifies all damage taken by the enemy and also is multiplicative in Fl4k’s damage formula, whereas the 100% weapon damage anointment is just additive to gun damage.

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Thanks, didn’t know that. So it works differently than the 100%? I’ve heard that but never fully understood how.

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Unless it’s been changed, it only applies to the weapon the anointment is on, not all sources.

Yes, video explains it well.


I am not sure that video takes all factors into account in its explanation. It gets part of the way there but not all the way, it seems to me.

Maybe it does only amplify the enemy’s damage from weapon damage from the anointed weapon, but it appears to me that this does not include factors like multiple ASEs from shield and grenade and any weapon damage from your COM and artifact too. So the video seems to get part, but not all, of the picture.

I have tested this myself in gameplay and on the dummy. I get inconsistent results on the dummy, but my gameplay experience tells me I am analyzing this correctly. I don’t claim to be a mad BL scientist like some others here, but this is what it “feels” like to me.

I don’t think it is strictly just damage from the weapon - I think it is the combined damage from the weapon AND other factors also boosting the damage from that weapon. Make sense? EDIT: I should have been more clear in my initial post. I know it does not work like slag in BL2 where the enemy takes more damage from all players when slagged.

Ah, my mistake then.

ASE elements on the shield and grenade do get Rakkslag boosts.

That sounds more correct but I am still not 100% that this is correct. I was getting inconsistent numbers in my testing. I stripped it all the way down to no skill tree, no other gear, etc., and I was getting inconsistent results. Could be down to elemental damage on GR? I don’t think I disabled GR, so that could be the one thing I forgot. Will try again.

I feel a bit better now. I respecced back to my non meta rakk skag build. Got a new unseen threat, last one had the 150% rad anointment, this one fire on ase, and it feels a lot better now. Graceward kill time acceptable again, Athenas run oneshotting enemies again. This gives me hope I can get back into my flow.

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That’s interesting that you’re results are inconsistent. I have the same issue with Gamma Burst and GftE and Sic Em where it’s incredibly inconsistent and may only apply the highest multiplier. Do your results echo that?

Are cyro rakks any good if your looking to run a freeze build? Or are you better off just relying on weapons to freeze enemies? I’ve never tried one yet but curious about it.

Rakk Slag is a V2 boost. So yes it will boost everything including bonus elements. Weapon damage will also boost bonus elements, but Rakk Slag will be more.powerful cos V2 is generally a more valuable multiplier.

As for your incosistent results, could be down to your COM having WeaponType damage buffs (also V2, but does not boost bonus elements) or your gun doing splash damage and being boosted by AOE/splash.

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@Anumbersix I wouldn’t rely on Rakks to freeze, ever. There are a few reasons one might choose cryo rakks over fire rakks:

  1. They do slow enemies fairly well and consistently, but I have never - and I mean never - seen cryo Rakk Attack actually freeze an enemy solid (the cryo status effect). YMMV

  2. They help identify your “Rakk Slagged” targets (because they turn blue LOL) for prioritization.

  3. If you are running a full cryo build and just think it sounds cool.

The main reason NOT to choose cryo rakks, however, is much more persuasive. Namely, they waste an augment and you would rather have any (or each) of Rakkcelerate, Flock N Load, or Falconer’s Feast over cryo rakks. ROACO is not bad on its own as an augment, but the three other augments all are superior IMO.

Well I just removed all skill points, my shield, nade, COM, artifact, and disabled GR. Guess what? The Jack dummy does not count as an enemy for purposes of the Rakk slag anointment. DOH!

I play on console so this is really the best I can do for testing. Photo mode on Xbox is not good enough to capture in-game damage numbers as they happen. At least on my Xbox it won’t do it. Maybe on a One X it works better.

So, I’m finally able to play after a few weeks off. Few
Of my pals sent me some M10 gear which I plan on jumping into and skipping 1-9. I am hearing that nades, shields and mods do not scale to M10? Also, there are no indicators that you’ve actually picked up an M10 piece of gear other than damage increase?

Yes, that’s what I noticed. Only can tell by the damage numbers if m10 or lower.
Also chests don’t scale. Vendors and mission rewards I believe don’t scale either.

I’m happy to say that I found some comfortable modifier combinations and also gear got better and my non meta rakk skag build seems to work again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Doesn’t change my opinion that rakks themselves and pets need a buff though


What platform are you on? I have a Stop Gap with that annoint.

Thank you, I just got one today! Now I just need to work on my timing to trigger it :grin:
What are the bonus stats on yours? I got one with brimming, which helps a bit too.

Go lexi. :grin:

I just Lob my way on 10 rounds with Joey at M10 with my rakk fl4k.

Hey nat, haven’t seen you in a while!

I’ve been trying all the new guns in the last few days and think I’m soon finding my to go loadout again.

I still love the Unseen Threat and Maggie, I’ve got a shock lob for emergencies :joy: also the Yellowcake is the FIRST launcher in this game I actually like. And the O.P.Q. system is the first atlas gun I like. So those two will definitely stay in my backback, maybe the kaoson too…

NoPewPew looked decent, would prefer to het a fire soulrender though…
D.n.a., neddle gun, greasetrap didn’t work too well for me.

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We might have the same loadout. Mine is lob, opq, maggie and the cake.

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