A few thoughts on (Rakk) Fl4k on m10

I tried my 300% shock one on graveward, but wasn’t that effective. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Also have a 200% but since I’m using rakks…

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Well that’s fair. Maybe it is not regardless of element. I could have overstated that. Shock on flesh is not great. But I think you probably catch my drift.

Weird, before Mayhem 2.0 Rakk didnt really work for me. I had most fun and success with three shot fadeaway and brainstormer, maggie, Wedding Invitation kind of loadout.
Also Rakk Setup never gave me a satisfying survivability.

Now after MH 2.0 went live, I didnt seem to be able to get my dmg numbers up with my fadeaway playstyle. Im using Rakks with a Lob and a Sandhawk and they carry a lot of the m10 content on their own. Im not getting the Anarchy tho, I’m getting downed way too often to make use of the stacks, because without the stacks it just feels weak, maybe Im missing out on something about that gun?

Im very curious to try GB builds, but im waiting till randomness gave me enough guns for GB/200% while AS.

I had a fire Sandhawk drop now with 50% incendiary ase.

It’s fast for Graveward, but really not very ammo efficient. Starting with 204 and ending with 128.

On m4 I loved my Unseen Threat for him, took me like 15 shots to kill him, using maybe 1 or 2 ammo. Now unfortunately I’m far from that. Mag is smaller and damage seems not to be enough. I can sometimes get him to the 2nd phase when shooting his hand, but while om m4 shooting the crit on his forehead was enough to kill, it’s not anymore.

Do you know, is the 50% elemental damage on ase calculated from the gun damage or from the grenade it’s on? Cause I had a fire ase Unseen Threat before the one I have now, and that killed him as fast as on m4, but now with the 100% ase threat and 50% fire only on grenade it takes way longer?

It was the same for me when they increased from m3 to m4. I had started my Fl4k with Rakks in nvhm, played Gamma through tvhm and for m3 ran fade away. I LOVED it. Soon as m4 hit it didn’t work for me anymore and I’m a rakk fan ever since.

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There are lots and lots of people on here more knowledgable than me about this, but I believe that the 50% ASE is calculated basically as a multiplier to all gun damage dealt. That is part of the reason that this anointment can be so powerful (in addition to adding projectiles on ricochet or chaining weapons).

@Ratore can answer you definitively, but the link to his super-awesome community resource is below. Go to the section on anointments and you will find all this spelled out better than I could. I use this post all the time.

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@Psyr3nPrinc3ss Wanted to say that I also am not killing things nearly as fast on M10 as I was on M4 either, even with gear getting better. The enemy health, shields and armor I believe are 1250% on M10, which means matching elements is much more important and hitting crits also is much more important.

I am sure there will be some new “meta” discoveries over the next few weeks that will allow Fl4k to boost up damage a little bit more, and as the level cap increases that will be the case as well. I wouldn’t assume that the state of the game’s meta is at all “the way it will be” at the end life of the game.

Bonus elements in general act as new Base Damage value. The Shield/Nade ASEs, however, don’t receive boosts from either Weapon Type Damage rolls or Splash/Area Damage rolls.

I feel your pain.

I have been a Fl4k main since day one. All the things they have done and not done to Fl4k and pets really make my eye twitch sometimes. I’m not the best at getting my vh all the way to M4 before the last patch. I did pretty well on M1 and M2. I even created a pretty good build for my Fl4k. NOW it doesn’t work well on M7-M10. I surprisingly managed on M6 to get a Sandhawk.

But I think I’m gonna call it quits on this event. It also, feels less fun the higher you get. At least for me. :expressionless:


Just focus on green and red tree (lookup the Rakk build in this forum). Ignore blue tree. Stop Gap shield ASE 50, any grenade ASE 50 different elem from the shield ASE 50. Stakbot 21 crit 28 wd 51 Dalh Crit, lvl 50 one also can. Finally use Pearl 50 mag and Regen. Find yourself Kaoson x2 rad 300 on 90 anointment, Soulrender rad Rakk 100 all full auto, yellowcake x2 300 on 90, stagecoach x25 300 on 90 or boom sickle 300 on 90 or OPQ 300 on 90. Mobbing is catwalk and it feel like old M4.
The key is 300 on 90. I believe shield and armor do not count as health. Don’t give up Rakker. :+1:

Yeah, 12k is insane…with normal enemies I’m back to almost as fast as before, but accompanied by the sad fact that I find myseld using a limited number of the new gear now mostly, Yellowcake and opq being the most used atm, and it feels quite limited. Whenever I think let’s use this old favourite of mine I switch back to Yellowcake or opq :confused:
And anointeds and heavy zealots…I used to oneshot them on m4 with my unseen threat and now I find myself running circles and wasting ammo of different weapons to see if anything works…
Amd critting gets harder when running and being pushed around all the time, and since I can only use holy crit that means non crits are even worse…

I appreciate the input, I really do, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want that and I won’t if there is ANY way for me (and for now it seems it is).

I ran rakks since m4 hit, I was using stop gap ase, grenade ase, maggie, unseen threat, all with damage increases, I used a last stand otto idol, then I got a health regen roll on my pearl…all good, but I NEVER ran one of those meta builds. I still solod takedown and all slaughters. Not my favourite thing to do, but i did it.

I might struggle a bit more that way, I know I could take the easy way out of this, but ridiculous as it sounds, I love that stupid skag from the bottom of my heart and on my main I CAN’T have any other pet - I have 3 more Fl4ks where I don’t care, but I have over 24 days now on my main and I won’t give up the skag if there is any way to get through with him.

I tried to respec, but I couldn’t pull it through more than one run, a) it didn’t feel any stronger cause it wasn’t the style I’m familiar with and b) it really made me physically sad to not have the skag (and I also always felt like the other two die even more).

But that’s basically my issue, that with every increase of difficulty there seem to be less and less viable builds. But I don’t wanna be forced to run those meta builds just to be able to compete.

And once all tips start with “get THAT weapon with THAT anointment and THAT…”, well, that’s where the fun ends for me, cause it shows that we’re at the point again (like in bl2) where you can not compete anymore if you don’t have the perfect build and loadout.

I use Yellowcake 300% (the anointment does count for the core bar btw, lazy data tested it), I use opq, I have good gear back that I loved on m4, and some weapons are just not dropping for me and I refuse modded gear, so I will probably never get them, but even then, it would still be the fact that with other gear it’s just a struggle and there are like 4 weapons that everyone uses now.

I want to run the build that I enjoy, and if they give us three pets to choose there must me viable builds for every choice. Rakk pak class mod boosts skills from red and blue, so it must have had at least the intention to work with those two trees.

Now rakks don’t scale to m10, which makes it weaker, pets were overlooked from the start anyway… and Fl4k somehow too, or at least it feels like it if you don’t run with the meta builds.


GB build is still viable. My friend is having a lot of fun but need a bit of gear setup.
PSN Adrion54

Yes, I think Fl4k definitely needs some attention. The pets, his survivability, the bugs …
But I am hopeful. I mean, even Moze received various survivability boosts. And I really, really hope Fl4k is next in the line.
As a main since day 1 I kinda feel neglected and even kinda punished for the flaws that Gbxvthemselves implemented (Looking at you, GITM + PH + LnT, pre-nerf).


Gamma Burst I played in my very first playthrough through tvhm. Was okay, but not that much my style, also as you say, very gear dependent indeed.

For now it seems my non meta rakk/skag build works at least for normal mobbing and most bosses.
Takedown and Slaughters I don’t dare yet, but maybe someday. But those weren’t my favourite things anyway.

B3 is all about theory crafting, farming and trading. One advice, farm for 300 on 90 weapons, you are good to go. Trust me on that.

Yeah, I don’t know what this is with Fl4k honestly, I can’t believe that no one sees the pet issue, or that an action skill made to damage enemies needs to scale if shield go up by 12k%

Let’s take the simple problem of pet survivability:

We have one skill where as long as we do damage pet gets health regen. That’s in the blue tree, so probably no one but me uses it…

Then in the green tree we can share OUR health regen with the pet.

When I shortly respecced to full green and red and ran with spiderant I had the highest health regen possible, and still the spiderant died all the time.

The skag, with the damage=regen AND the health share of my weird non meta build dies less, BUT still dies to bosses immediatly, or to badasses the moment I stop dealing damage for a second because sorry, even I have to reload or seek cover sometimes.
So we then have a full minute where the spec into the pet revive is pointless.

And it just can’t be that no one at gearbox notices that???

I gave up on pet the moment I found that I need to stop shooting for something that feels like forever (a whole magazine with some weapons) before I can issue attack command. It’s beyond stupid.

Totally on your side!
Pets can only act as stat sticks reliably when paired w/ a Red Fang/Gamma Burst build.
But @boombumr is relentlessly telling Gbx what is wrong with Fl4ks pets and the class itself. Contribute in his various threads if you like. It‘ll be a great addition.

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I have the 300% on my yellowcake and I had it on an unseen threat, it’s also on ny opq system cause it was the best option there.

I still don’t see why I would want it on all of my weapons, when under 90% it is like having no anointment at all:

I usually go with 100% rakks if somehow possible, except for high damage weapons maybe. And I already despise the fact that the Yellowcake seems the only viable thing atm :confused: