A Final Wishlist For Potential Changes

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Don’t know why you think Toby is the only character who needs a buff?

Now this is just ridiculous cam, come on I thought you had some sense? It’s not like it’s April 1st is it? :wink:

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Ahhh…! You, sir, are a delight.

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One thing to say… buff Ambra. :fire: Ambra

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The option to remove flair from an item.

Nothin like getting an awesome piece of gear you’ve been grinding for close to two years only to have “Pink Cat Ears or Chefs Hat” or some other such nonsense on it.

Or just remove flair all together. Would have rather them add another map than that tripe. Or do the final balancing sweep like stated.

Also revert OM’s ridiculous gun damage buff. 18%? Really?

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If you press the sell gear button on a piece of gear you have in a loadout, the buttons for sell and cancel switch. So when you accedentialy press sell on a gear it took you 30 story missions to get and quickly press circle to cancel the sell you sell it. I get that it is to try to prevent people from selling gear they probably want to keep, but it fails at it. It is like if your gas pedal and break pedal swapped if you car notices you rapidly aproaching a red light. I’d like the controls not to change atthe worst possible time, and it should be an easy fix for gearbox.

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OK, friendly reminder:

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Like it or not, Battleborn is officially out of support. While anyone is free to post changes they would like to see should there be one last patch in this thread, please understand that:
(a) no-one should hold their breath on it and;
(b) attacking the games developers is misdirected and inappropriate.

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I think the developers will want to make more balance patches and content for the game if the game gets a revival on PC.

and with Battleborn day 4 close, this is a good opportunity to try to increase the playerbase.

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Attikus is not OP. He is the worst of the tanks as outside of his weaken, he has no method of tanking a wound debuff without a ton of invested creativity. Typically by using npc’s in calculated fashion. His offensive abilities? He needs to punch hard because that’s his only sustained damage. Take brawlers boon at 3 if you think contrary. His ult is laughable compared to the other tanks defensively and its dps is quite bad unless you can find a way to fulfill several prerequisites.

Besides he got nerfed in the last patch. Outside of legendary gear exploits he seems to be in a good place.

As for Rath, his ult is even worse that Attikus so I’m not seeing a problem with his kit either.

And Toby can still reach upwards of 200k dmg in a match so… Heh he seems fine.

Point is that OP is a state ‘over’ powerful. Don’t think that term is being rightly used here… unless we’re talking about nihilism, Oscar or adding almost 1000 health to a mobile character. =b

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Increase the amount of XP earned from player assists so more characters can reach higher level in games.

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That’s a bad idea because that would just make games snowball harder since the team that starts off with a few kills will quickly get a level advantage. Making it harder for the losing team to mount a comeback.

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Im not talking a drastic increase by any stretch of the imagination. Just a slight boost from what we have now. Key word: Slight.

It really sucks doing the majority of the damage on a kill then having Ghalt, Isic, Pendles snipe your work.

Im talking mere fractions of a bit more XP, not enough to let the team with the first kill snowball to a win. That would take a MAJOR increase to do anyways

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Agreed on that (and I’m guilty of my share of kill-stealing too :blembarrass:) If I was programming something like this into a game, I’d consider adding a sliding assist XP multiplier based on the %damage contributions. Might have to base it on some DPS calculations to keep things relatively fair, though?

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Thats a fantastic idea. Prolly to much programming involved at this point in the games death throws but would have been a great implementation.

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It actually could address a number of issues. For example, if everyone gets all the XP for every kill etc., that encourages the “join a game tape down the trigger and leave” parasites who leave all the work to their team mates. On the other extreme, there’s all the rage over stealing kills if only the person landing the killing blow/shot gets the points. Something that rewards full team co-operation would be a definite plus.

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What about healers?

(Ckx00000) #139

I was hoping my original post would “assist” healers as well, since they get assist XP for healing those whom get the kills.

However, @VaultHunter101 idea is just great but needs to incorporate healers.

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I’d definitely include them somehow, along with assists (thinking of active or passive damage boosts to team mates from various skills.) It’s an interesting challenge to think about, anyway!

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My inner Ghalt main chuckled maniacally after reading this

(Ckx00000) #142

Same. Thats kinda why I wrote this.

Playing Ghalt, Im easily at Speedloader(7) while Miko is just getting Heal Thyself/whatever(2-3), for example. Don’t seem fair when I “mostly” couldn’t have done that without Miko. Not without porting back to base- which would have thereby cut back my XP.