A Final Wishlist For Potential Changes

(BM tutor) #143

If that’s the case, you definitely need a better miko. Miko gets plenty of xp via healing through assisted minion or player kills. If you’re hurting on xp as miko just heal your best wave clear when the waves come through.

(Augustus Benedict) #144

I have seen dedicated, good Miko mains (not me I sucked with him) easily out put more assists than my best ghalt games (and trust me I averaged high 20s to low 30s if the games when full length; entire team’s on overgrowth would hide out of my line of sight or by their accelerator to stay out of my reach) I am man enough to admit, Miko outclasses ghalt any day of the week in assists and that’s been why I have been a staunch defender of the “healers don’t need anything else” because of the shenanigans they can do mid battle.

(Ckx00000) #145

Miko was just an example guys.

(Augustus Benedict) #146

I was just replying to you was all, hopefully you didn’t take it the wrong way.

(Ckx00000) #147

No not at all.

Although I would like to hear your(and others) take on a slight increase to assist XP.

Slight, mind you. Just enough to where more characters could reach a higher level(fun) but not so much that the first team to secure a few kills snowballs into a win(unfun).

(Ckx00000) #148

The goal with my suggestion is just to increase the fun factor by letting everyone level slightly faster.


(Jennerit Supremacist) #149

If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Exp leveling is fine outside of meltdown. With the exception of Reyna every character has the tools needed to level at the rate appropriate for their character provided they are playing that character correctly. If someone is getting under leveled it means they aren’t doing their job right or they are getting out played by their enemy.

(XB1: Abattoirista) #150

Hypothetically, I could see an XP boost for assists to be a bonus specifically just for Support characters since they got hosed by the Attacker/Defender buffs way back when.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #151

Supports get plenty of exp provided their teammates are doing their jobs since they get an assist on almost every kill.

(Ckx00000) #152

For funsies!!!

Damned logic and order…and stuffs.

I mean yeah, its aight the way it is now.

Just something I personally would like to see.

(Ckx00000) #153

Nothing is gonna be done at this point in the games life cycle anyways. Although, there are a lot of great ideas in this thread.

I just hope the servers stay up long enough for my daughter to get Platinum.

(Luck_Mod) #154

As a quick note, you can use the ping feature to ping your waveclear and get in on some of that experience. This works from quite far away and can even allow you to double dip on some Meltdown maps if you are between both lanes. Works great for keeping Ghalt’s levels up.

(Not-Toby) #155

Provided you know there is Pinging in the game and which button is for that…
EDIT Hey, they restored it? Nice. One thing less to do.

And, a propos
The fix for game’s screwed up controls config is what I’d add to wishlist.

(Luck_Mod) #156

Well you could read the instructions/controls menu

(Not-Toby) #157

Actually the vague name “Player Alert (Ping)” is all one can learn about the feature. And it doesn’t even work right in-game so, it’s hard to learn about it with “trial and error” too.
Let’s say that restoring the controls config for this function is a step in a right direction. But what’s next?

(Luck_Mod) #158

Is it broken on PC? It’s been working for me all morning on PS4.

(Not-Toby) #159

It works, but it is a faulty work. Say you want to “ping” a specific area and there is some geometry near it (stairs, pillar): the ping will go through it and mark area behind it. It’s a nightmare when as a KU I try to inform my team where my drones are and in effect I misinform.
It tends to not always mark the stuff one aims at too , but this may be lag related.

(Dr Ivan Radosivic) #160

Attikus is more of a DPS with a decent health pool. Hell, even Man Mountain Montana is more of a DPS with a large health pool.

(Dr Ivan Radosivic) #161

Battleborn is got the Evolve treatment meaning operational servers but needs a playerbase aka community.

both Evolve and Battleborn are good games and need to be supported.

(Ckx00000) #162

Yeah poor Reyna though…she reallu does have it rough. On e she gets to level 4 she can XP fair enough, its just getting there…