Адский Кригер; A Fire Bear Moze Build

Heyo! This is my first ever build on the site. I realize it’s a little silly to try and build something we know precious little about, but eh. I’m bored and like builds. This is basically what I believe an Iron Bear build would look like skill wise, leaving the gear blank till the game actually comes out. Also, when the game comes out and we learn what order the worlds are gonna be in, I’ll add what the logical weapons for Iron Bear would be after each level.

  • Anyway, hope you find this inspiring, or at least mildly interesting.*

Lv 3: The Iron Bear cometh

4-8: Armored Infantry - Damage resistance and gun damage buffs for having a full shield? Yes please.

9-11: Deadlines - Killing enemies increases how long you stay in Iron Bear, sounds good to me.

12-16: Grizzled: Now Killing Enemies shortens the time you’re out of Iron Bear. Aren’t these Cultist’s just oh so helpful?

17-21: Stainless Steel Bear: Increases your time spent inside Iron Bear and increases its tankieness.

Now that we can spend significantly longer in Iron Bear (I’d imagine) let’s move on to actually working towards a niche. For this build? Fire. Moze has plenty of skills to turn her into the next Pyro Pete, so why not capitalize on that?

22-26: Cloud of Lead - Free bullets and bonus fire damage as the brûléed cherry on top. Not too shabby.

27: Redistribution - Moze regenerates Ammo for a few seconds after scoring a critical hit. This is stupid broken. I love it. Also, now we get access to the Salamander.

FYI, I realize there’s the Hell on Rails Augment for the Rail gun, buuuut 50% fuel consumption seems a tad steep. Stick to something else like the RVP.

28-30: Stoke the Embers: Increases Fire Damage, No Brainer.

31: Scrappy - Just one point in here to close out the tree, plus 75% faster Weapon Swap, Mode Switch and Stability is a pretty nice buff on its own.

32: Rushin’ Offensive: Turn Moze into Wilhelm without the crippling addiction to surgery.

Side Note, now you should be able to get Fuel Economy for the Salamander, equip it. This not only makes us more fuel efficient but also buffs movement speed for us when we deal fire damage, which should be almost all the time.

33-37: Scorching RPMS- Increased Fire Rate and Crit Damage. Nothing too crazy, mainly here to get to the next tier

38-42: Iron Bank:Small mag size increase, mainly for access the next tier and future buffs. Feel free to experiment with a point Specialist Bear instead for the bonus of running duel Salamanders.

43: Some for the Road: Infinite Ammo after exiting Iron Bear. In the immortal words of Gaige “Everything’s gonna die!”

44-46: Click, Click… : Get bonuses for running out of bullets! With Iron Bank increasing our Mags, hold onto the bonuses longer.

47: The Forge - Constantly regenerate Ammo for your equipped weapon. Eeyeah, we broke the game folks.

48-49: Fire in the Skag Den: Gain Bonus Fire damage for Blowing stuff up. Cool.

50: Auto Bear: Iron Bear sticks around a little longer after you hop out, and it gives us a pretty sweet weapons combo.

Vanquisher Rocket Pod: Target Softening / Salamander: Molten Roar - Drop some rockets to squishify your enemies and then finish baking them with a volley of Fireballs. Boosh.

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