A fix for Galilea?

The big threat that comes from Galilea is her ability to dish out enormous amounts of CC and still be capable of good tanking and good DPS. This mostly comes from her skill Desecrate.

I was thinking that the three majors issue are:

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone’s ability to stack with melee damage.
Desecrate’s long duration and damage amplification.
The Vortex mutation at level one (pull with Desecrate).

To fix IDTGA: At full health, rather doing her primary melee combo, she uses an alternate animation to attack which shoots out ranged energy bolts. This new attack is NOT a melee attack, it is a ranged attack that is only available at full health.

To fix Desecrate’s damage amp: Desecrate is no longer an AoE that stays in place but a damaging blast that centers on Galilea which immediately disappears after it is used (Think Wrath of the Gods from Dark Souls). She keeps all of the effects that Desecrate would normally have, but instead it does a burst of damage in an AoE upon activation.

To fix Vortex: Vortex is no longer a pull, but instead it is a push. Problem solved.

The main issue people have with desecrate is that it has too much CC at once for one skill. It has already been suggested that the helix choices get moved to one spot so you have to decide between slow, pull or silence.


Why would someone as a melee want a push? That would be a dead skill.

Galilea is good only if you are too aggressive on her and if you let her do what she does best - control that little area where she is. But it takes only 1 missed shield toss and she becomes one of the most vulnerable characters in this game. She is pretty slow, she can’t escape most of the characters and without shield, she is dead in several seconds. By the way, her pull is not so OP if the enemy character is jumping, cause the pull will just sent the enemy flying and she will not be able to do all the CC stuff inside Desecrate.




That’s so exaggerated, but damn funny ^^

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Still not as bad as Double Hug though.

(Joking of course)


I’m speaking mostly from personal experience, what particular things give me the most troubles with Galilea.

I’ll admit, that works quite nicely. I figured an insta-burst of CC versus an 8 seconds pool of CC would be a tad more fair.

Kelvin is a melee and he has a push on his secondary and it is quite powerful.

Galilea could use her push to escape, to force an enemy deeper into allied territory, or to shove an enemy into a corner and punish them.

It would be a lot more skill based and a lot more fair (and versitile) if the skill was a push instead of a no skill combo for assassinating individual targets.

True. The few times I die with Galilea, it’s when I don’t have my shield. However, very few Galileas will miss their throw in the first place since they only use it when the enemy is in melee range from when they got pulled by Vortex…

Desecrate has very little wind-up animation, so timing the jump is insane… and I personally wouldn’t say being flung a thousand feet deep into enemy territory a step up from being stuck in Desecrate.

Lol that Item would be super amazing if Galilea gets a rework where the devs take away most of her CCs.

Seriously, Gearbox have already stated Galilea will get a rework. Even though they said that long time ago and it might never happen just have faith that it will take place.

Once, Galilea gets redesigned, there will threads stating that the new Gali is even more OP, Powerful or Broken than the previous one…


Kelvin is a disruptor not a territorial and it benefits his playstlye. Removing the pull would vastly reduce her effectiveness in that regard.[quote=“RayLightning, post:8, topic:1551898”]
Seriously, Gearbox have already stated Galilea will get a rework. Even though they said that long time ago and it might never happen just have faith that it will take place.

What he said. Wait until the rework before until we cry out for change. [quote=“RayLightning, post:8, topic:1551898”]
Once, Galilea gets redesigned, there will threads stating that the new Gali is even more OP, Powerful or Broken than the previous one…

Once anything happens in this game the community will create threads about it being unfair. I don’t think that anyone has ever agreed upon anything being in a good place in these forums.


Hey I love pushing players off cliffs! Having another way to push enemies would be awesome!

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That’s all I do in capture nowadays. You’ve seen the videos.

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Fair enough. I’m honestly not calling for nerfs or screaming that Galilea is OP, demanding for changes, ect, ect.

I just like talking about Battleborn in terms of balance and design. It’s fun to try and think of ways to make things better, even if I don’t actually intend to convince anyone to put any changes in place.

But you need players IN the desecrate, not out of it. Kelvin is a different animal with a very different playstyle, he is not territorial. ^^

I don’t say that everything is good with Gali, but she has her weaknesses too. She will not be able to do much on Incursion if the enemy team has Ernest, Benedict, Kid Ultra, Mellka, Alani or any other ranged heavy ones.

This game is all about the matchups.

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I think that basically they resist touching the ones they play.
However they also seem to marry themselves to some ideas which turn out to be harmful. We all do this to some degree, it is what it is and I can’t blame them for that.
Her kit has a little bit too much utility that can all be taken together. I see they want her to be something of a swiss army knife, but they also need players to not get pissed off and leave due to obnoxious character design choices (like Kid Cancer’s Bolas-of-zero-aiming-hit-the-world).


I play almost exclusively Attikus, and I rarely have an allied Ernest, Benedict, KU, Mellka, or Alani… so I do very poorly against Galilea often don’t know how to defend myself from her xD

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If that’s the case then I would like to see a way to play Galilea as a pure tank and for it to be as viable as building for damage. As it stands she can take on the role of a pseudo assassin while still being an off tank. Let her be incredibly hard to kill without having more CC than Rath.

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It’s damn hard to nerf your favorite character that you and your friends built from scratch and played the living heck out of… even if they’re a game breaking monstrosity.

I can respect that. I think you should play more than one character but I can’t really say that without being a hypocrite considering nearly 40% of my games have been with one character.

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I like tanky Galilea. I spec her for tankiness now and again, but it’s just not as viable/powerful as off-tank assassin Galilea.

I’ve mostly played for achievments (and thus, character lore) since the game came out, so all my characters have 20~ish games while I’m not particularly good at any of them.

Most of my games have been with Ghalt, Attikus, and Marquis, each at 60~odd games. Attikus is just my go-to favorite.