A 'fix' for the Miko healing beam problem

So, I’ve been playing a bit of Miko again…
After reloading, you cannot hold the button to go back to the healing beam. You have to press the button several times for it to work. This can make healing pretty hard, and it can actually cost the life of your ally.

I have found a way to… Well, not fix this, but to make it easier to start healing again. I’m pretty sure others have found it, but haven’t seen anyone share it on the forums.

So I tried to heal after doing my quick melee, and then you can heal just fine. Press (B) and then hold [LT] and the game will let you heal with ease. So I started thinking, what if I quick melee after reloading?

I quick meleed after reloading, and it suddenly became a lot easier to start healing again… Still, it’s a bit slow.
Now, you can skip a little part of the reload animation and start healing again VERY quickly if you time your quick melee right. Luckily, it’s not hard. The moment that the Kunai appear in Miko’s hands, you can quick melee and immediately hold the healing beam button ( [LT] for me. ) again to start the healing beam immediately. If this works for you, share it with anyone having trouble with this! I’m finding it very helpfull, and it kinda fixes the problem for me.


Thank you! Makes sense. His melee is fast enough where I’ve used it for kills, so it makes sense here too

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I will definatly have to try that when i start playing him again. I wonder if it will get a patch…

It’d better not get patched! And if they patch it, they must first make it so that you can hold [LT] after reloading to smoothly start healing again.

it’s funny. It’s not just miko that has that problem going in between his skills. There is a delay or outright not registering of the command.

Another case: if you hold down both triggers for phoebe you can constantly cycle through her primary and secondary melee in a flurry of DPS DEATH for the other team. If you use any skills it kind of messes that cycle up. You have to start with the primary and then hold the secondary or it might not register it all.

It’s so weird. I’m sitting at home hammer the buttons several times just for them to start working. It’s frustrating. Even more so when people are depending on your heals.

…Gosh, this same fix works for some character skills in BL2.