A frank discussion about Guardian rewards and how whatever fix we get is applied

This isn’t a hate thread or more GB bashing, this is rather a point that I am not sure has been made yet. We lost our Guardian Reward perks with the last update, and that has been a source of much discussion. I am sure that a fix will be forthcoming with everyone back in the office this week, but I felt it prudent to explain some of the secondary effects of this bug in the hopes that GB makes some solid decisions on the fix.

I kept playing, and I gained more Guardian Tokens and I used them because in M4 that extra little bit of damage matters. Pre-bug I had all three trees full, and applied over 300 tokens to the various perks. Now, since the glitch zero’ed them all out, I re-applied tokens when they became available to the same perks I had done before but only because they were back to zero.

So, let’s say tomorrow they fix my perks and they all come back. How they do it matters. Because now, if they are restored to previous levels, then my points reapplied to the same perks, instead of being worth as much as they are from zero, they will now be worth fractions. If I apply another point to gun damage today, it will be worth around a whole percentage point of damage. If I apply it to my gun damage pre-bug, it would be worth 0.01% or so (I don’t remember the exact amount but it is super small.)

If my perks had never been reset, I would never have applied that point to gun damage, I would have spent it someplace else to get more bang for my buck.

That’s one possibility. The other is if they apply the bonuses I have applied as they stand now, I will go over the purported 15% max for Guardian perks. If they shoehorn them in up to the 15% max, then again, I lose out on those points because I would have spent them elsewhere.

I think the only viable option that doesn’t in some way slight everyone is to reset the ranks and let us spend all our guardian tokens again. And, as future proofing, I think the option to “respec” our Guardian Tokens should exist in the game afterwards. Consider: we got a month, get a new hotfix, all of a sudden a new bug happens where Hollow Point ends up having the unintended consequence of killing us immediately due to whatever, or Shield Reboot proc’ing and somehow causing a similar issue as to what happened with the butcher recently.

I would rather be able to disable some of my perks and keep playing due to a bug than all of them, and being able to control that myself would be preferable.