A fresh off the boat perspective of Battleborn

Hi guys, just bought the game last weekend and have been smashing it out ever since. Having great fun so far, but I’m failing to see much replayability.
I’ve come from playing Battlefront (200 hours clocked) and am a fairly frequent forum member there. I’m pretty amazed due to how much saltiness there is on the BF forums due to lack of content at release; only 10 modes and 30 odd maps? Then I came here. 3 PVP modes, with only 2 maps each. 8 story missions which barely have a story. 25 characters, sure, but only a handful of moves on each character. I understand Gearbox is a lot more vocal with the community than Dice is, and are endeavouring to release more free content, but really shouldn’t more have been available at launch?

Furthermore, I’ve been gaming for at least 15 years now and am pretty decent across the board. Haven’t had a whole lot of experience with multiplayer games, especially PVP, but I was great at Borderlands and figured this would transfer over pretty well. Boy was I wrong.

PVP seems pretty fun, but with the lack of modes available it just becomes a huge mess, especially with absolutely zero introduction to PVP mechanics, character strengths and weaknesses and a complete lack of introduction to team based play (choosing your role and sticking to it).

I came to the forums to try and get a bit of a greater understanding, and while it’s helped a little it seems that every person here is very well versed in the games meta, which kind of puts me off as I feel like a complete and utter noob with no real chance of competing in a PVP setting. Is it just me, or is the learning curve in this game extremely tough?



Kind of going in reverse order, there is no real established meta, which I like. Yes, some team comps I’ll work better than others, but you can make a lot of different things work if the team works together.

I recommend pulling up some videos or watching a stream for a bit to get a sense of the pvp modes. They arenp really a couple of key things to know. The rest you will figure out over time. When in doubt, follow your minions (incursion or meltdown…capture is pretty straightforward).

I don’t find the number of maps an issue at all. League is hugely successful and the vast majority of games are on one map still, I think. Having said that, more maps/modes are in the works.

Keep trying different characters. I think the more you do, the more you will appreciate just how different they are.

I never thought the learning curve was all that bad. There are things that arnt explained well for sure but meh. In terms of Game modes, I would rather have just a few than a lot. The fewer game modes the faster you will get matched up in a game. I have played quite a bit of BF myself on PC and one of the main problems I noticed is pretty much there is 1 game mode people play and everything else is spotty, sometimes you’ll get a full game, most of the time not. But that’s just me. The community here is great, it has its bad apples for sure but I see more supportive people than anything else.

Content in a full price game is always something I talk with friends about. 8 Pve Missions spanning around 30 mins each (4hrs campaign) 25 characters at launch (pretty good) and 3 modes / 6 maps (not the best). Does this game deserve its price point? I’m leaning toward yes only because of how much time I have clocked in on it but that is debatable. I think what would have been better is if there would have been 3 maps per gamemode, Would certainly be nicer at least.

It is not just you, the learning curve on Battleborn is a little longer than other first person shooters, but it is worth it.

The best advice I can give for PVP is never enter combat without an exit strategy. It is always better to run away and live than it is to feed the enemy kills and there is no shame in teleporting back to base. Down on the D-pad for PS4. Teleporting back to base is always better than dying.

Welcome to the forums.

I do hope you stick around, you’re absolutely right that there is a lot to learn in this game. That said, the characters the game starts you with do a good job of teaching you the different roles a character can fill, as well as not being hard to perform decently with.

The best approach is usually to try new charactes in a PvE mission first so you become familiar with how they play and get some context on their helix choices. If someone strikes your fancy, you can check out the forums to see what people here are talking about them as far as builds and play strategies are concerned.

When it comes to the selection of maps and gameplay modes available, they seem lacking at first blush, but the PVP’s replay value comes from the changing dynamic of every given match that comes about from team choices, timing of securing resources like NPC spawns or buildable defenses, when a player gets a piece of gear activated, etc. Realizing how much these things can change the outcome of a match is also part of the learning curve.

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The story in BB is more like a background to separate episodes of fighting against evil rather than conventional plot with events and twists. But I wouldn’t call it a lack. I’m sure this is the best way to organize a story mode focused on replayability - so that story isn’t forced to you if you aren’t in a mood. But if you are there are plenty of details of what happened and what’s going on.

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In the 20 odd matches of PVP I’ve played so far, my team has won 2. Seems like most people I end up playing have a great understanding of the meta. The matchmaking also seems extremely random with the levels of players (and therefore experience) and I am being very put off by it. Are mics necessary for PVP? And hours of video study? Should I just stay well away till I’ve completed all advanced story missions?

Hours of video study? No, of course not. You seemed lost on how some of the mechanics work, so I suggested you watch a match or two without the pressure of playing in it. I watched a lot of streamer footage during the closed technical test, and I thought that helped me (like you, not much pvp experience) get a feel for how stuff works more easily.

If your teammates in Meltdown or Incursion are more focused on killing enemies than building things, escorting minions, etc., things won’t go well. You have to work together to win. Mics are not necessary, but they can be helpful from that standpoint.

Command rank doesn’t mean much, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

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Personally I have grown to hate PVP in BB. In the beta it was fun, but more and more I’m having matchmaker putting me up against organized teams. 30 minutes of getting destroyed isn’t my idea of fun. My first PVP match today I had 3 people on my team bail.

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I had no huge troubles jumping into Battleborn PvP, but that is probably because I have experience with shooters and MOBAs. Battleborn isn’t a pure shooter so shooter experience alone won’t get you far, you and your team also needs to know how to work towards objectives and working together. Because of the high TTK this game really isn’t carriable, at some point you will have to do some communicating. Whether you’ll need a chat or a mic or just a simple ping depends on how familiar with the game your team is.

One of the most important things that some newer players (or even more experienced ones) can forget to do is to level up! You cannot win a 1v1 fight (or team fights) if you’re several levels behind. You’ll very quickly fall behind if you only concentrate on team fights and if you only use your shards on your loadout. That nets 0 XP.

Well watching a match or two is all well and good for the one character I’d be watching, but I imagine to get a feel for all classes (attack, ranged, tank, support/healer) I’d have to watch at least a few hours worth. Feels like they could introduce some sort of PVP tutorial to help out new players. The main thing about Meltdown and Incursion for me seems to be that I have no idea what my team is doing as a whole, it just seems extremely chaotic. Also is it just me, or is the score way too focused on kills? Seems whoever has the most kills is the score leader, even if the mode has nothing to do with player kills, which is making me feel even more useless as I don’t seem to be able to 1v1 anyone, even if I have the character advantage (I lost to Miko as Gal :-/)

The problem with leveling up is the most xp comes from kills. The more you kill the higher level you get so you can kill more. I made a build that focused on building stuff for my team and I was still behind everyone else. It has gotten to the point if the other team is 3 levels above you teammates you might as well quit.

I found the learning curve here tougher than most games I’ve played. I’ve never really played a game like this, always been more of a traditional FPS player. Starting out on Battleborn, I got my butt kicked, repeatedly. I quickly discovered you can’t just run in and kill everyone quickly like a CoD game, you need to strategically plan your attacks and as mentioned, always have an exit strategy. I was total rubbish but slowly figured it out with some of the ‘easier’ characters. I play by myself so teamwork is really hard to coordinate but as someone who had no MOBA experience, it certainly took several hours to not feel overwhelmed.

I failed the Algorithm the first 3-4 times I played it in the Beta, almost gave up, but eventually I got the hang of it and I’m semi decent at both PvE and PvP now.

That said, I’m counting on Gearbox to give us plenty of variety and new content throughout this games life cycle, while it is fun to try out a new character each night and discover how unique and awesome they all are, I am really interested in what’s coming next, new maps, mechanics, characters, game modes, story missions…fingers crossed!

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This was another problem I encountered. I tried to be the best team player ISIC I could be, focusing on waves and buildables while everyone else seemed to be playing TDM and I still came dead last. I think they should honestly just have a TDM mode (even though capture is pretty close) because objective mode PVP in this game just really isn’t doing it for me.

The score is garbage. Ignore it for now. They will hopefully be changing it before long.

I’m no pvp expert, but I was thinking more of simply understanding the basics of how the modes work. Then, as you try different characters, you can figure out how to apply their unique skills to each…but that’s a much longer term proposition and half the fun.

If you focus on just one thing, you won’t level up. If you only try to go for kills, you won’t level up fast enough. If you only go for building stuff, you won’t level up fast enough. If you only kill minions you won’t level fast enough.

I was once playing Reyna and was so focused on shielding everyone that I forgot to level up and was suddenly multiple levels behind the enemy, was dying more often and we were staring to lose. I noticed this and started going for minions and buildables too, while still attacking enemies and helping my teammates. I caught up in levels fast and we won!

If you can’t level efficiently even when your enemy doesn’t have total map control, then you don’t deserve the win - you aren’t playing well enough.

I wouldn’t say the learning curve it that tough. I’ve had this game a little over three weeks now, and I’m currently at 114 hours. Wouldn’t exactly claim myself to be expert, and I’m certainly not a min/maxer, but I’m very very comfortable with my knowledge of the game mechs, lore, etc. As for the limited game modes and maps, I would agree with you there… but definitely a strong disagree on story. Did you just hop into matchmaking, playing the entire story out of order? Or, did you solo queue, or group with friends and play each map in order as I did? I think that would make a difference as its hard to keep track. I loved the story, “The Last Star”, a weasel of a thug who sells out his own people out of greed and lust for power… and the ragtag bunch of champions who come to the rescue. Unlocking each heroes lore too is amazing, some are extremely funny, and others are pretty interesting and informative…

… Also, they began loading new content only two weeks after launch so hopefully that’s some foresight into what we have to look forward too as far as new maps/modes go. Who knows, here’s hoping though.

My advice, just keep puttin the time in, and you’ll get to the point that you feel we are at. I’m enjoying the game even more-so now, than I did when I first got it if that helps you at all. The more I understand and the better I am at something, I tend to enjoy it more.

Glad to have you, hope you keep on jammin with us man!

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You can be a “killer” role, and be fine with it.
That’s how i play Benedict or Boldur, i don’t give much f*ck about anything else.
You basically “spearhead” the enemy line for your team, so they can do the objectives easily.

Having a high kill count doesn’t mean you are not helping your team.
It can go bad if you fail at it, or if your entire team is doing it, though.

Also, for the PvP tutorial… Well i was fine with the introduction at the beginning of the map, and learned the rest by myself. So, can’t say.

I gotta say, it’s amazing how much friendlier and more helpful you guys are here than the BF forumites, haha. Are there any Aussies here? Playing with someone with a bit more experience mught help me, they can tell me what I’m doing wrong. Also is there any way to see the enemy players levels in PVP?

Yes, if you view the team player scores (on the PS4 you press the touch pad to do this) it shows the player helix level to the left of their names.

Do stick at Battleborn, it really is a great game. It is different from first person shooters that many come from (I’ve played many over the years including Battlefield and CoD) where kill/death ratio is more important. I like Battleborn because you don’t have to be a killing machine, you can focus on a range of things (escorting minions, building defenses, supporting other players with healing etc) and still be an asset to your team.

Don’t forget that others are still learning the game and you may have been unlucky with some of your teams if they are not focusing overall on guiding minions but playing more like TDM. We’ve all had matches like this, where you’re destined to lose no matter what because of how the rest of the team is playing. However you will also get games where the team does know that it’s a team-based game, they will work well together (even without comms) and you’ll finish those games, win or lose, with a smile on your face. :slight_smile:

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