A Friend's Suggestion for the Loading Screen

I haven’t been able to play much since the update, but a friend and I were looking at gear and the update’s gear changes today (omg Stable Executioner!), and he had an idea - since many of the Legendaries have quotes from specific Battleborn, he thought it might be neat to replace the cartoon loading screen thing (where Rath hacks off one of Geoff’s legs) with short commercials for equipment presented by various Battleborn. I’m sure commercials by Oscar Mike, Orendi, Ambra, etc. could get very creative.

We admit this would add nothing substantial to the game, but I thought it was a cool idea anyhow, especially since the Prologue just got a huge movie that likely took a long time for something people will only see once (probably) compared to the loading screen that you see before every map.

Don’t forget to tuck in your shirts, ya’ll :wink:


Still looking, but geez, Lorrian Skill Spike is now crazy as well and the perfect Orendi item. Many others aren’t as ridiculous but got brought solidly into the “actually worth using” camp. Good job, guys.