A game breaking bug that needs to be addressed

So I got into a PUG on advanced Heliophage and we’re kickin ass we’re doing great annnnnnd this happens http://xboxclips.com/tboski/47c5e25c-66bc-4433-ad93-d05186716f40

We had 10 minutes left when we had got to that point it just took me 7 minutes to be like I should get a clip lol. On other maps usually this fixes itself or the enemy just dies or you’re not timed but not this guy he wasn’t havin any of it. So we lost… Makes me sad :cry:


Yeah, that’s definitely something that needs addressing. I wonder if that’s common, or you just got the short straw.

It happens to me all the time on every level. This was just the time it actually ruined the game

That issue typically auto corrects itself after about a minute or two. It is a huge annoyance and (while I’ve never had it happen on Heliophage personally) can certainly ruin the mission on Heliophage. Can deffinetly have a better solution than the current one.

What exactly happened? All I see is you staring at the tower. I’m using my old iPod so it just might be the small screen but I don’t see anything.

There’s an enemy that’s just not comin down. We can’t kill him so the doors won’t open

I had something like that when fighting rendain. We knocked an enemy off the ledge who shields the jailer but we couldn’t kill him bc he wandered underneath the platform we were on since it has pieces like scaffolding underneath it. He didn’t reset bc he wasn’t down off the map enough