A game for hardcore RPG grinders

So, it’s a turn-based text adventure game?

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 3.18.04 PM

I think so, I just got the video on my feed and thought it looked interesting enough to share.

Buddy of mine on Steam hates that i am on Xbox, has talked me into buying so many games on steam like & Days, Forest, and other open world games, i think i have maybe 30 games on steam and haven’t even played half of them.
He keeps bragging about this game, but with no combat, it kind of seems to boring to me. I understand the dialog is great, but i read documents all day long at work,last thing i want to do is read in a game. BUT - it is popular

It’s not quite for me right now - maybe when my hands are worse, but some people love RPG…

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