A game that will be good in the future.The Redemption

A topic that I’ve been postponing for a long time due to my actual desire to give it a proper insight.Why now,because I’ve accumulated enough playtime since release date with all characters on all content and majority of my points have been cleared out.So without further ado.
Who I am.Nobody.Hardcore grinder.Gamer since Atari era.

I’m here to drop a list of things,that I believe are crucial for the game to feel good.Like other Borderlands games did,not comparing it to other games even to the genre alone.

To give this list justice , the observations are made with characters on max level and difficulty while clearing content.

-Like in every other game,some are stronger than others but thats not the issue.The issue is some mechanics on the items that are used counterintuitive.

-Atlas in particular are the most underwhelming.Simple examples can be easily made.
Why do I need a tracker for one single enemy when I can shoot it while moving?
Why do I need a tracker when there are many enemies attacking?
What does Atlas guns provide more than any other manufacturer?
When you play with them enough,you will quickly realise that even their unique variants lack power.

-Some Jakobs limited from as fast as you can pull the trigger to go do you laundry speed.
Why is this limiting.You can still play with them yes but their impact lowers because they lose power.

-Maliwan.With minor SMG exceptions.(No I’m not talking about legendaries aka.Cutsman).
Comparing them to all other manufacturers is not needed.They just don’t have an impact.And their mechanics don’t help that either.
Charging has a problem with moving targets,big fights and is overall weaker/slower than most other manufacturers.(Yes even with annointed,its weaker/slower).

-Some legendary class mods are pretty much done as a filler.Nothing useful and nothing that compliments a build that will make you use a specific legendary class mod.

-Same as legendary class mods can easily be said for the artifacts.The comparison is literally the same.I don’t understand why they are in the game.I frankly don’t want to since I’m absolutely positive developers have little to no idea too.

Big step up from other games.There are a few nitpicks but thats one of the better upgrades the franchise got.Smooth as silk.

Some climb mechanics on certain terrains can be tweaked but thats about it.
Slide feels great and does what its suppose to.Providing a fast movement/dodging mechanic.The artifacts that change the way you use slide apart from the slide speed bonus are a non-factor.
Slam-dunking is unusable in majority of the cases.TPS comparison is not needed.Just that,unusable.
Smoother melee and better melee overall compared to the previous games.Due to the AI being that forgiving in this game,melee is much more usable.(Bandits,Maliwan solders just let you close the distance with ease compared to other games for a simple comparison).
Shooting while sliding - amazingly useful and mechanic that is underapreciated.
Throwing grenades while shooting with some of the guns is another great addition that I believe is apreciated by a lot of people.

Due to all these mechanics being that good,gunplay becomes way better.The same can’t be said about gameplay.

Questing/Story/Farming at the current state of the game feels exhausted and boring reaching as high as dull.
Im one of those guys that plays with multiple characters to re-experience everything again and again.And farm more and more.
Above said , I can easily differentiate a good story that will still make you giggle/smile/leave a good feeling even after playing it 30+ times or a story that you wanna skip instantly with small exceptions.
Gotta give it some parts of the game’s questing felt great,but its so minor I can’t give the whole thing a thumbs up.Talking about individual quests.And no they dont reach the number of 10.
Farming is as amusing as farming is.Staying on one place and farming for your loot while listening to music or laughing with friends about non-game related stuff.

I think this is where Borderlands 3 pooped the most.
A lot of skills not working as intended or not working at all.(Yes the number exceeds 10)
Mind me,skills that become overpowered/underpowered because they are not working as intended.
Laughable.Hurtful.Pathetic.All not in a good way.Bad part is there are more broken skills than previous Borderlands games.Not speaking good at any rate.
Do I need to go further and tell you that a lot of skills are unusable in the current end game? No.I’ve said enough.Don’t wanna salt this wound any further.

Gamebreaking problems
FPS drops all over the place.
Instability across all platforms.
Crashes on all platforms still occur.
Menu Lag since Borderlands 1.
Minor ingame bugs that are big in numbers.

There are tons of QOL(Quality of Life) changes we can talk about,but I’m not sure its needed before fixing the problems above.These are trully gamebreaking.

Lack of communication and not listening to the community is the biggest issue and I will underline why.

Veterans and hardcore players are great (always were) and constantly report problems most of them trying to be as positive as possible.
Just by watching someone playing you can encounter tons of the problems listed above.
Since you guys don’t have much time to play this and you obviously don’t have testers and people helping you out.This is crucial.

Game will be atleast 3 times better when these problems (and tons that I have forgot to list) are solved.
I will keep playing because I’m patient and I love grinding,not because I forgive or forget the problems.I believe this will all get patched in the future and yes I see how a lot of people don’t like the game after purchase and Its 100% justified to not like it.

Its all in the future.


Re: Atlas guns - I agree overall that some of the gun concepts need a rework. However with atlas, I like to use them, and if you’re going for fun factor and ignoring min/Max stats, Moze with Short Fuse and an Atlas pistol is kinda fun when u tag 3-4 enemies from behind a corner, and come out to see their bloody mess on the ground. However, they would make more sense if you could continually tag without having to swap the settings, which becomes a hassle.

Fps lag/hitching: Particularly in the menu. Playing an elemental Amara, I’ll try to swap my elemental effect based on the enemy. Here’s my experience:

  • open menu
  • spend 15 seconds navigating to a screen
  • sit there while it loads a video of me holding myself in the sky on a bubble
    -miss my intended augment because it lags for 2 seconds and swaps to another tree (console)
  • select augment
  • the mob is dead because a retribution Moze killed it

I do agree on the gameplay mechanics like sliding, and on the story (I hated the story. Felt predictable and lazy for what it could have been). Overall, I’ve enjoyed the side quests, and ironically felt like I understood the motivations of some of those characters than the main story.

Adding that character balance needs rework so that you arent discovering only one or two viable builds at end game.

Tldr: I like atlas sometimes, agree that fps/menu navigation sucks and that the new gameplay is good but the activity loops need improvement. Also update some skill tree stats so there’s more viable build variety)

Very nice post, I think all borderlands game have been 10 times better after a couple of years and dlcs.

If you go back to everything on release they don’t compare to the game on finish.

A few things to not pick

This has always been the case since 2. It’s not as fast as you can pull the trigger, it was as fast as you can pull the trigger upto the fire rate listed on the card.

This balance is important because it offers variety, if you want more power you can go with a slower one shot or you can go lower damage and faster fire rate.

They also mix it up with mag size, etc… But if all jakobs were actually as fast as you can pull the trigger there would no variety in the brand.

It’s early in the game and we don’t know yet. If you go back to early bl2 days people said zee0 was bad at sniping, and people only used Maya’s trickster for KR.

This is a complex game with a ton of combos we have yet to discover

From a technical standard of them all working right yes, from a creative stand point of giving us more playstyles they have nailed it

I really disagree here on the listening mostly. Look at a lot of what you listed above, atlus guns got a buff because we were not using them as a player base, and they said why and the thought process behind it.

Maliwan also got a buff, snipers had a big change that made them way better.

They have buffed 8 character skills that were under perfoming, compared to the 5 needs.

They have taken a lot of our feedback, and shift data and made way more changes in the first 2 to 3 weeks then we typically got in over a years time in borderlands games.

They haven’t done everything of course because the game is young but they are working on a ton of things we have brought up as a community.


@Felixthecoach @Derch

Thanks for both of the inputs , I apreciate to see other passionate players point of view.

@Derch - Yes I know about jakobs , but yeah being a cowboy not being able to pull the trigger (Feelsbadman)

And yes I realise its all in progress and young :slight_smile: Thats why it has a redemption point.Its all in the future and I do believe they are not gonna let things continue like this.


Yeah totally I’m so excited to see how the game will mature, especially the rumors about added skill trees instead of new characters.

I can’t wait to see what dlcs will look like, so much


Yes I have a lot of things to test on “endgame” still,shields are my current focus.
And in particular 2 - 3 surprisingly good shields that are just rewards not being highlighted by the community.I have a lot of things to work with still , and content will come as I still discover stuff.
I’m actually quite intrigued how people ignore shields in this game :slight_smile:

which shields? I’m currently on the look out for shields and artifacts

Mendel’s Multivitamin as Melee Amara and Fl4k pet/support build.Its so smooth for them,but im still trying it on moze.Zane handles it quite well solo,he really needs a shield in party.

There are 2 more but I have to clear this one out first.

I’ve heard quite a few talk about that one, maybe im in the right crowd lol

Well most people that play casually miss it out.Its still not loud as Stop-Gap/Re-router.

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BL veteran here, played every game to the bone. I think we got what could be the best borderlands yet ( it is for me ) but its hold back by the technical issues and somewhat strange decision on loot. As an Xbox player I was shocked to see that we dont have the option to play in vertical split and this is my major gripe since release. We complained, managed to get 550+ replies in a thread on the matter and we got some kind of confirmation its coming soon. The technical stuff/optimization will get fixed, i am sure of that. I am happy with the new vault hunters and I am glad Gearbox are looking at balance and not just releasing them and touch nothing.

What I think will be crucial is finding a way to please casual players and hardcore grinders. Leave world drops on normal mobs and badasses as it is right now, world drop is fun for everyone while leveling. For the rest:

Bosses and future raid bosses: Lower the world drop % chances, add a dedicated loot pool on top of it. Everyone is happy, I can farm my perfect gun on 1 or more bosses with lowered RNG. Ive made a quickc calculation the other day and as of now for a gun only 1 have 1 chance on 392k to get the right gun with the right parts, right element and the anointement i need. I’m all for RNG but thats just not right.

For Cicle of slaughter; Keep the world drop % as is and add dedicated loot reward for completing it, different for each arena. It gives even more purpose to this end game mode

Proving grounds: see above.

Thats my 2 cents, thanks @Prodigy for another good post.


I was running those this weekend and 90% of the drops are guns, 8% grenades, 2% coms and 0% artifacts.

I’m obviously making up those numbers but I would love to see artifacts drop in them. Right now I really am lacking good artifacts and not seeing any in those was sad. I was thinking with how many enemies you kill that they would be good places to look for coms and artifacts.


Yeah it would be nice to see areas/bosses that drop specific things, even if just slightly more likely. I hate not being able to pick out a toy and work for it.

I’m assuming it was a gameplay decision where they wanted to avoid people just playing in specific areas for the rest of time. I disagree, but I get why.

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I’ve been posting this exact thought in any thread I can. Why they didn’t give us a good reason to do CoS/PG over just farming bosses is very confusing to me. I want to do them because they’re way more fun than just farming bosses but they’re far less lucrative in terms of loot/minute.

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I think they could really take advantage of Proving Grounds being the place you go to for specific types of drops. Have each type of enemies drop specific types of guns/items, and also have the overall reward be a guaranteed legendary of that type as well. For example, make one of the proving grounds have enemies that specifically drop legendary artifacts. Make one of them have a high chance for class mods. Make another one have a high chance at dropping legendary elemental gear. Etc. The Circle of Slaughters can be the place to go for all world drops, and then proving grounds can be the place to go to farm specific loot pools.

Plus, assign some bosses specific loot pools, to force people to farm different bosses.


@spytock1 @Faux_Pirate
As much as I wanna agree with both of you.My stats are saying otherwise.
Circle of slaugher grinding provides rougly 25% more loot per time spent from farming graveward or any other boss for that matter.And is the most farmed thing these days from majority of the hardcores since it provides way more challenge.

But I respect your point and apreciate your input. :slight_smile:

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It might just depend on your efficiency of beating either one.

COS’s do take awhile in many when I finish I would have got a ton of blue and purple guns with 5 to 10 legendaries

GW with some builds can be killed in seconds and has pretty good drop chances

Offline is 20+ easily.And thats where my solo stats come from.

I see but once those hotfixes hit patches offline won’t be an option

Correct.That wont be an option anymore.