A Gauntlet event would be a great addition to the game

The holiday, Cartel, and Takedown events have all been a nice change of pace, but I was thinking today that a great addition to the game would be a gauntlet event. Vaulthunters, either solo or grouped, would be dropped at the start of the course, and would have to fight their way to the finish line in a timed event. Not a hard stop deadline, but a timed event like an ironman marathon.

Aside from the challenge of beating the course, you could compare times on your personal leaderboard to see if you had a new personal best or not. You could alter your build and see if that allowed you a better time. You could run with a different vaulthunter and see if that improved your time. Bump up the Mayhem level to start a fresh leaderboard at that difficulty level.

Ideally, Gearbox would also allow you to share your times between your friends list, and while I know lots of people don’t want damage meters in the main game, maybe for this event only Gearbox would track stats for comparison sake, and a bit of friendly competition: base damage done, crit damage, elemental damage, healing done, damage received etc.

I don’t think the Borderlands franchise has had anything like this before, but it seems to fit well with the theme and mechanics of the game. It’s still PvE, but with a bit more granular data than just a simple pass/fail. What say you all?


…like the Proving Grounds?

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Not against it but isn’t the entire game basically gauntlet-style? You can skip some mobs to fArm bosses but most of the story content, raids and proving grounds are in this style.

I like the idea of a built in timer tho, and more challenges like killing enemies with certain elements etc like in the circles of slaughter

Awe man. The proving grounds are so bad people forget about them. If they updated them with some of your ideas i think it might draw attention again

Similar to the proving grounds, but I do think the timer and the personal/friend leaderboards are the main appeal, and would need to be added to the proving grounds to create the gauntlet experience I’m envisioning.

I do like the fact that the different proving grounds are already stocked with different enemies, and they are gated by those force fields so you can’t just sprint to the end. Yes, maybe updating the proving grounds is the way to go since they’re already 80% of the way there.

Gearbox would need to check the spawn code for the proving grounds and verify that the randomness has been removed, so that you always get the same number and type of anointed enemies, for example.

I also think the damage meters would add a lot of interest, and it would be fun to see how different builds impacted those stats. The gauntlet event as a whole could be used as a Borderlands training ground if someone was interested in getting better at the game, and could help convince people that they should be using their action skill more, or paying more attention to annointments, or using the proper element or gun for a situation.

I don’t care for timed events, and am not interested in Leaderboards - but I don’t see how adding these to the game would hurt my experience any. :slight_smile:

This is a good point though, and pretty easy to implement using established game concepts : they could enable the stopwatch and damage meters by using a separate switch, similar to True Takedown mode.