A general question involving play on Normal

Is it possible to obtain a rocket launcher or RL ammo from any source prior to rescuing Roland from Warden while playing in Normal? Bonus question: has anyone every experienced a glitch where Warden would spawn in 3 badass loaders in Normal?

Never seen that glitch, sadly. That would add some zest to things.

Beyond that I dunno, apart from obvious stuff like picking up launchers (they spawn before their ammo becomes available and give 8 rounds) or heading to the Peak and looting the ammo crates before the gauntlet.
(May as well accept the ‘Impossible’ mission of opening a door while you’re there.)
If you find a a level 30 weapon in the various rubbish containers around the place you can easily afford the RL ammo from the Peak vendors as well.

I am not sure when RLs become available, I never gave it a thought, but at that point you have already visited The Dust which of course may spawn the Black Queen who drops the Nukem. Beyond that I really have no idea. Chubbies may spawn even earlier which may drop the Bunny very rarely so that’s even less reliable.

Never heard of that glitch but it may just have been RNG really hating on you for some reason.

If I remember correctly t is possible, but not in Sanctuary or Liar’s Berg. I forget which vending machines you would have to travel to, but you might need to go to areas ahead of the story mission taking you there. The problem with which is that the enemies might be over-levelled for you, so you’d need to be sneaky. You could try the vending machines in the dust (particularly at Ellie’s and the entrance from Three Horns), or the ones just inside Friendship Gulag.

As for the badass loaders on normal, to be honest I’ve never kept count of how many of anything there are - too busy trying to take out Warden and staying alive!

You can actually get a Legendary RL.

Follow the Firehawk quest line. Incenerator Clayton has a decent chance of dropping Pyrophobia. It should do in excess of 800 damage per round.

Not great against Armored enemies, but it’ll do the job quickly.

Or you can get the nukem from the black queen