A gift to all Alani players

Hi guys, I just want to share my thoughts on that. We were winning by far and Alani didn’t manage to shoot me down. Specially because she played a more support oriented role, clearing waves and helping allies. I mean, she was focusing on actually win the game.

I backed up because that turret might have killed me, that would be super sad. Rath almost blew it too, but at the end the gift was delivered.

Well, here is the deal, if you are playing Ambra in a clearly winning match and Galileia/Alani couldn’t have you killed at least ONCE, I suppose bestow one death will bring no harm to your team, right?

It was my second death on this match, and sole death to her. Actually, playing Ambra you learn how to lure gals/Alanis to their own doomed fate.



I rate this idea. only I already got all my kills.

The Death of a support can mean a wipe on Incursion if the respawn timers are already at 30+ seconds… :confused:
I’d rather just wait to see how the Lore Challenges are changed than start giving people free kills. Feeding is not a gift.

I do want to say that this Lore definitely is unfair. It’s 50% based on luck and that’s not what challenges should be about!


I like it. The same is true when your team cannot win. Not when it’s difficult, but impossible. No harm then :slight_smile:

I’ve deliberately offered myself as Ambra to Galilea players in the past, when the match is a foregone conclusion. (and it has to be definitively won - no chance for a comeback.) I don’t think people always get that I’m doing it deliberately though… One particularly spooked Galilea just kept backing away instead!


And the taunt that the Alani had was so perfect! It was like she was thanking you!

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I have too, but your phrasing was better.

I was in an incursion match the other day on Alani. I got killed by an Ambra who decided to taunt me. I was like, “Hey, I need Ambra kills, don’t I?” Hadn’t even occurred to me before then because I haven’t been worried about it. Got my first Ambra kill before that match ended. Probably the first time I ever actually taunted someone back.

I do taunt a lot, but usualy I go for funny/fairplay taunts, instead of those pedantic or

Ghalt has the best taunts!

Shellshock is a good one (think that’s the name…the cigar one).

If gearbox would fix the lore issues that are in no way skill based, no pointless offerings would be needed