A good compromise for dedicated loot drop rates

First of all, I don’t notice big differences in drop rates on different mayhem levels and between normal and TVHM. The lootsplosions are bigger in higher mayhem levels and more legendarys seem to drop but the odds don’t seem to improve much.

The feedback I read about the increased dedicated loot drops from the ‘Bonus Boss Loot’ event seemed to show that the community enjoyed the event (except that it was ending and that it took place right before a level cap increase again) and many wanted to make it permanent.

I think a good compromise would be to scale dedicated loot drop rates. M6 would give you a 20% chance to get a dedicated drop, M7-40%, M8-60%, M9-80% and M10-100%. This would make players playing in the higher difficulty levels feel rewarded.

There are enough versions of weapons, damage types, annintments and passives on mods and artifacts to keep people busy with farming even when bosses drop their dedicated loot 100% of the time. There are also enough legendary items to keep people busy farming.

A lot of people was thinking about scaling drop rates but a lot don’t want 100% , for me i agree with scaling drop rates the game would be much enjoyable

Yeah. It doesn’t have to be 100% but I think even if it was there are still enough variables that people would still have to farm for items with the rolls that they want. Annointments matter so much in M10 it would still be a grind to find the perfect gear.

As an example: Fabricator drops Ion Cannon 100% of the time. I farmed it for about 8 hours looking for one with ×2 and +150% Radiation damage when health is under 50% in any element. Not surprisingly, I never got one. It is basically the same outcome as farming a boss that doesn’t have a 100% drop rate. The difference is that I didn’t have to kill that boss 50 times and start wondering if the item existed.