A GOOD switch port would be great

before you say I’m ungrateful hear me out Skyrim can run I played a full playthrough and it was great on the go. Borderlands (at least 2) BELONGS on the switch the 2nd game can be a grindfest for specific gear and as easy as it actually can be to get into the fact the real fun is replaying game through different playthroughs (which is a very long time for alot of people!(1000hrs is alot!(yes I know that not everybody’s going to play that much but still))) this can be overwhelming for SOME people. Having it on the go can remedy some fears that SOME people have about the game and make the game even more marketable. I want to keep this paragraph a little short but there’s a lot more reasons to port this game.

Well the way I see it is BL3 is out I about 2 months I would like to see them focus on porting that game to the switch.
From what I can tell from there history Gearbox dose not have much of a relationship with Nintendo as they have no history besides a Brothers in Arms game on the Wii. Even looking at 2K games they don’t seem to have the desire to expand on Nintendo’s platforms.
For Gearboxes part they would need to get Nintendo Dev kits, train or hire people to work I Switch ports it would be something they would haft to invest in. It’s possible that 2K simply dose not see the value in it. I think it would be great and definitely way better then the PS Vita port of BL2 I just don’t think it’s in the cards sadly.

Two links.
First, 2K (publisher) does have one game on Switch, their NBA thingie. Apparently lots of outrage about ads.

IN the Gearbox case, Mr. Pitchford indicated that a Switch version was not coming;

According to Pitchford, Nintendo cut off communication with Gearbox for no apparent reason, and so he doesn’t think the studio will be bringing Borderlands 3 to the Switch.

I’ve never had a Nintendo system other than a GameBoy, so have no idea what the experiences are like or how tightly Nintendo controls the platform, though anecdotally I know it’s tighter than Sony or Microsoft.