A Good Way They Could Add Test Dummy's To The Game While Also Making Them So Much More

I actually already posted all this in the Test Dummy Petition Thread but afterwards i felt like it deserves it own thread. This was posted over the course of two separate posts but i’m too lazy after typing out the whole second post to re-organize it all in to one post just to make it look pretty.

First Part:
Signed. Would prefer a programmable dummy that can customized to our individual needs at the time. We could basically go to a console near it and give it whatever stats we wanted (health, shield capacity, choice between flesh or armor target, time between re-spawns, % of damage we want reflected back at us, Resistance to damage, Level of dummy, Shield related stats in general, option to enable the shield to have nova, spike or even the option for the dummy to use a exact copy of one of your shields or oz kits that you might want to test, etc.

Put it in it’s own dlc for 5 dollars or whatever (maybe 10 if it’s worth it to people). Have the dummy be in it’s own massive room or area that temporarily disables any kind of progress to experience points, badass rank, Trophies/Achievements, challenges, mission progress, cash gain or loss (you could still pick up money somewhere in the room but it wouldn’t actually be added to your cash and would only count for stuff like jacks money skill), etc while people are in the dummy dlc area. Upon exiting the zone any stack-able buffs like anarchy or money is power are reset. Have a near-by ammo machine in room that could refill ammo for free (i don’t see this as too big a deal when it comes to potential abuse, ammo’s cheap enuff where it’s not worth going all the way here just to save penny’s on ammo)

Would be even better if there were multiple dummy’s near each other that could be set up individually of each other.

End Of First Part…

Second Part (this was after i thought about it some more afterwards):
As a extension to my idea about the dummy. Prolly the best way to pull this off would be something a little similar to how digistruct peak was originally intended to be. While i describe this think of the Danger Room from X-Men. Basically you can spawn any reasonable size enemies of your choice. So what you would do is select what enemies you want to spawn and then before you actually spawn them you can choose to program there stats in any of the ways i mentioned before. You can also choose whether they just stand idle even while you attack and kill them (so they can be used as a dummy) or whether they will attack you in there usual way (for training or practicing or even learning/research purposes). When they’ve been fully programed you can then spawn them.

If there is a problem with certain combinations of enemies not working right then they can just add a limitation that makes it so we can only spawn 1 type or faction of enemies at a time. What i mean by faction would be like Bandit, Hyperion and Creatures were the 3 different enemy factions of BL2 (vanilla).

By doing it this way they would increase the appeal of the dlc to more then just people who want to test raw damage and number crunch. Assuming they don’t be stupid about naming it there would be many people who would buy it just for the ability to fight the enemies of there choice and they could even use the enemies stats choices as a way to mix it up in a Underdome-ish sort of way (but on a much smaller scale).

You can even increase the appeal even more by giving the option to have the enemies you chose keep re-spawning indefinitely so that you can basically turn it in to a custom survival mode that has essentially close to unlimited re-playability since you can set the enemies completely different each time.

End Of Second Part…

So what do you guys think of this idea. Keep in mind that this DLC wouldn’t be one of the ones that are part of the season pass (though i wouldn’t complain if they decided to make it free to season pass owners as a extra bonus like they did with Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 1 in BL2) Would you be willing to pay for a DLC like this? Feel free to also add how much you would be willing to pay for it and/or what you think a good price for it would be.


To the DLC idea: No it should not in any way be it’s own DLC. People would ■■■■■■■ flip if that happened and we’ve had quite enough if that on the forums. Though I do really like the programmable dummy idea. Or at least have one that has a shield, one that has Armor and one that is flesh

I agree with the backlash from making it a stand alone DLC. What they could do though is include it as part of the upcoming campaign DLC, adding even more value for what gamers will be paying for already for the campaign DLC (individually) or the season pass bundle.

Well, it’s either going to be a single dummy like in BL2, maybe even three (shield, flesh, armor), or on the other end of the scale, a full-fledged DLC like you described.

I think someof the aspects you talked about are quite nonsensical… Health values? For what? Health scales with mode, level and number of players present. Being able to set the level would be enough, damage resistance comes with ‘OP’ levels and that also qualifies as the enemy having more health. I like the idea of being able to select which enemy to test on, however. Giving the DLC a ‘practicing holosuite’ notion would explain most of the stuff you’d encounter there, such as having no loot drop or ammo not costing anything.

On the topic of how to actually include it… I’d have to say @Riviet’s idea is the most practical. Adding it in the campaign DLC would not mark it as a ‘worthless’ DLC to anyone who is interested in actually obtaining loot and EXP. Although the addition would have to be a smaller scale version… So the (up to) three infinite-health shooting practice thugs we know and love from BL2.


For something this sophisticated, I would pay 5 or 10 bucks. All I really want is an invincible guy that stands still for me to shoot.

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In all honestly i went as intentionally over board on listing options for programming the dummy as possible simply because 1. All the crazy and extremely varied conditions for buffs and bonus in general. 2. I was trying to list the features in a way to cover every possible situation or circumstance someone might ever want to test even if it is highly unlikely they would be tested by more then a few. Generally when it come’s to a programmable dummy meant for testing there is no such thing as too many options. There definitely can be too little options (borderlands 2 dummy although convenient, left a whole freaking lot to be desired. Most never even figured out what you have to do to be able to melee it for testing purposes and technically even knowing what to do still required you to use glitches in the game just to be capable of meleeing it since it was designed in a way where melee was supposed to be untestable on it)

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