A gore review of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Posted it in the thread of the series in General discussion, figured I’ll post it here too.

I have a video series on Youtube called Gore reviews, the name is pretty self explanatory. And with the next BiA game in the making I wanted to share some feedback on the gore aspect of Brothers in Arms series which in my opinion has always been pretty lacking (played and otherwise loved every game in the series).

Hoping to reach Gearbox with this one, and maybe see more attention for the gore department in the upcoming game


Well, I do know that in RTH30 every time one of your men get hit, he`ll scream and his teammates will yell at him to take cover. Same goes for you but in Hell’s Highway, I don’t know why it couldn’t be like RTH30 and EIB.

Actually I got a few comments on the video from people who heard screams of pain, one even posted a video. Apparently it’s an odd issue on my end.

Now if only the other stuff was also just an odd issue on my end…

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Hey nice review there mate, I do agree that the ragdoll of the game is somewhat wonky. But the way friendly NPCs “die” is much better compared to the first two games, which look like the characters died. But magically respawns in the next chapter.


Thanks man. The disabled thing is better than the resurrection, I just think that enemies should have such a state too.

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Yeah, but Gearbox is just lazy to implement it out, I do respect their hardwork on the series however.

Have a nice day.

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