A guaranteed legendary each time?

Has anyone tried farming the final boss at the end of the DLC yet? I fought him the first time and he dropped both a legendary (cat o nine tails) and a pink glitch weapon.

Fought him again after he respawned and this time he dropped a Flayer and another pink glitch. On an unrelated note, I’m very tempted to start referring to the Flayer as a Dirty Sanchez.

So does he always drop at least 1 legendary and 1 glitch? I don’t think I got super lucky twice in a row. What’s everyone else getting?

got just a legendary,no pink the first time on UVHM and no legendaries afterwards. Pinks fairly frequently though.

OO so its different legendaries every time? i got the longest yard rail gun laser :smile:

yeah, I believe so. I got zx-1, bahroo (sp?) got IVF.

Claptrap: Heeey, where’s my legendary?
Timothy: Where’s the legendary!? ■■■■■■■!

legendary pops out

i got a fusillade first time. i killed him again, i didnt get a legendary.

Bummer. Was waiting for someone to not get one. Must gather more data! Though everyone does seem to get one the first time.

Seems right. Third kill, no Legend.

Got one on my first kill, nothing on my second, another Cheat Code ¬_¬ on my third.

Apparently the last item he spits out has a chance to be legendary, feels like 60%.

I’ve beaten him around 8-10 times now, and I’ve gotten a legendary drop half of the time. he does drop a lot of good glitched weapons 60-70% of the time, but as for Legendaries in UVHM, they aren’t AS likely, but still drop often enough but not 100%

now granted we have farmed for Top Gear,but my friends of athena and my Nisha take the whole fight in about two and a half minutes, last night we fought him 4 times and only got 1 legendary