A guide for people who struggle in UVHM

This guide is all about how to succeed in UVHM when you’re not very good. Specifically for people who suck as badly as me! Possibly even worse. My guide should be useful if your worse than me.

This isn’t about whining either, this is entirely HELP at getting over the hump that ruined my experience and caused me no end of aggravation that people who don’t suck never understood.
This is about the game raising the bar for UVHM and my guide on how to limbo right underneath.

SO… if you suck and you follow this guide as best as you can it should help, it’s not a magic bullet but it helps.

FIrst and foremost without the DLCs i can’t help you. Deadlift is just too hard and there’s no magic bullet for fixing yourself.

OK with that being said i’m going to tell you the hardest point of this game.

The hardest point is from level 55 (give or take a level) until level 69. This is the range where nothing you can get from playthrough 2 is any good, and everything you can manage to get in playthrough 3 is constantly getting worse every time you level up. This is time when characters i’ve loved have failed miserably.

The solution is cheesing the game. Not CHEATING, it’s CHEESING. You have to embrace your suck, and work around your suck. Again this isn’t a whine post… this is a step by step guide of getting around the level 55-69 problems I had. While some of this guide sounds absolutely insane beyond insane it worked for me. And I really suck let me tell you.

The first thing you need to do is reset your UVHM playthrough, sorry but it has to be done.

Next if you don’t have the DLCs i can’t help you. I have no work around for you, literally none. I can’t give you any advice for getting the gear necessary to kill deadlift. I wont even suggest you try to kill deadlift. For the 55-69 range i’m considering him unbeatable. This isn’t whining. This is me telling you that without going to the DLCs that deadlift can be literally impossible.

I emailed players my saved game who were way way better than me and they thought that I set up my saved game so that it was unbeatable. YES I challenged people to use MY saved game to kill deadlift. I didn’t run into anyone who could pull it off.

The kicker is how exactly do you play this game if Deadlift can’t be beat?

Well… this is the real trick.

Go to playthrough two and farm for credits. Get like way more than you’ll ever need/have any use for by farming whatever you feel like. You wont actually make any progress, the credits are your goal.

Next you go to the Hollo dome. Re-enter the map and keep checking the weapon venders until you get the following.

Blue + quality jakobs sniper rifle
Frost SMG (blue +)
Shock smg (blue +)
Torgue shotgun (blue +)

This is going to take you HOURS. Literally hours, you won’t get much if any XP but this cheesing is a last ditch, WTF IS WRONG WITH ME I CANT DO IT fix.

But unlike deadlift eventually you’ll get there. And without the DLCS there’s zero workaround for this. Literally no weapon venders until after you kill deadlift.

So now that you have that very specific list of gear, the next stage is to do the first round of the holodome.

Once completed… DO NOT TURN IT IN… Walk to the save station doodad and trigger the auto save.

The next part of this guide is all about save scumming… Savescumming makes this process much easier but if you don’t want to engage in save scumming you don’t have to. It’s also a PC only thing. Sorry…

NOW, you go turn the quest in. If the reward is anything but the shock pistol reward you hit CTR ALT DELETE and force stop BLTPS. Then you restart and the mission is ready to turn in again.

Rinse/lather/repeat/ until you get the T4-SR Shock variant from Digistructed madness round one.

Next you can attempt to do digistructed madness round 2, for the boxy gun.

This gives you two steller shock type weapons. Together with your same level sniper rifle and same level cryo and explosive weapon puts you in a not terrible position with decently OK enough gear.

Now if you can attempt to go further in the holodome feel free. You might actually be able to do it, if not no worries.

And if you suck too badly to complete it at all no worries either, like I said the farming vending machines is a workaround for this stage.

So if you manage to progress through the holodome great, if not… it’s not a deal breaker.

So with this set of gear, you should be good enough to start the Claptastic voyage.
The most important thing about doing this is selecting the “PROPER” rewards. Most people will tell you that it doesn’t matter. They are wrong.

The really good thing about the claptastic voyage is that… you don’t actually have to kill boses to start getting quality gear. It was a huge revalation for me that there’s a lot of really good gear to get without one single boss of note until halfway through.

There’s really no “bosses” until denial sub routine. This makes the first half or so pretty easy to do.

Now, let’s assume that you suck too badly to actually kill denial subroutine.

That’s ok, there’s a lot of XP and a lot of loot to loot leading up to denial subroutine.
In fact, let’s just assume you couldn’t get anywhere on the holodome.

First things first… Farm 200 moonstones in playthrough 2, and go to claptastic voyage area.

There’s a quest called “Spyware who came in from the cold”

using those 200 moonstones turn in the quest and “save scum” until you actually get good gear that matches your build ect from the chest.

GREAT… now you have blue shock weapons plus a glitch quality weapon.

Progress through the main quest for claptastic voyage… making the following gear choices.

Now you have hopefully gotten some XP, Minac’s attonement laser rifle, and Hard Reboot pistol.

Screw RNG, Screw farming bosses you can’t kill…
This guide is for people who suck, not for people who can actually bring the gud.

You’ve accumulated some real nice pieces of equipment WITHOUT killing any bosses.

THIS is the trick i used to cheese my way through levels 55-69.

At this point, I had the shock TS4-r, the hard reboot, Minac’s attonment, and a crappy green turtle shield.
That’s NOT the name of a super rare shield, it’s just some vender garbage i bought from a heal vender.

Now if you can actually kill denial sub routine this opens the door to a lot more good gear/XP options. Including hands down the best shield in the game.

If you CAN kill denial sub routine great, you can push forward…


Go back to step one of the guide, and reset your playthrough 3. AND START THE GUIDE ALL OVER

BUT BUT BUT… your just going to skip the end boss?

Your not going to tell these people to farm X bosses?

I literally went from level 55 to 70 doing this. Some playthroughs i managed to even clear the entire DLC, Most i gave the boss one try, got my ass kicked, and started over.

But this is going to get boring?
Yes it was… so bored…

But it’s possible… for the cost of one boss (who is susceptible to shock weapons ) There’s a great deal of game to play and XP to earn. All without the hours of crying, while failing to kill deadlift.

With nothing but the MISSION REWARDS you’ll get enough of the right gear to keep the cycle going.

ANd then once you hit 70?
Stop what you’re doing and…

Reset again…

A level 70 shield of ages, Minac attonment, Ts4-r and a glitch gun and I was actually geared up pretty well.

From level 70 you slowly get better and better as you do more things and get better gear. 70 is a lot easier than 69… SO much easier… Not even funny how much easier it was. At level 70 I was able to kill deadlift after a mere… dozen tries…

Once i was 70 it was just actually nice… like so much easier…

On a scale of 1/10 level 55 with crap gear was a 45 in terms of difficulty. ANd level 70 was a 6/10 early and went to 5/10 in difficulty after i started getting gear.

So that’s the secret… The hardest part of the game is level 55-69


Haha this is awesome :slight_smile:

This wasn’t meant to be funny…

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