A Guide To Ambra

Made this guide on the BB subreddit. Copying it over to help people who are having trouble with her. Although she’s gotten recent nerfs, this guide still very much applies. I never even realized her Ult had a slow and I have 20/25 hours with her. Also, I’ve been hearing her range was nerfed with staff, this also shouldn’t effect gameplay much at all. Hope this helps!

I’ve “mastered” Ambra and have a pretty high KA/D with her so I figured I’d share some tips on this subreddit as well.

*dmg numbers may be slightly off, but should be in the ballpark.

Ambra is Jennerit Supporter with good damage, good healing, GREAT burst damage and survivability. She has many great tools in her arsenal:
Sunspot-40 dmg/sec to enemies, heals allies for 33/sec
Solar wind- 120 dmg/sec over three seconds(after you get the level 1 upgrade).
Extinction event-Calls down a meteor dealing 334 dmg and 20 dmg over 5 seconds.
Flameshield- When Ambra gets below 20% health she will proc a 300 overshield for 4 seconds.
Staff of Radiance-Auto aim attack with limited range that converts 30% of dmg dealt to health, and does 70dmg/sec.

AND the big one HEAT- Ambra expends heat to deal up to 100% more melee dmg.
I feel most people that have trouble with Ambra forget about this last one, her Heat. Dealing dmg with solar wind, her staff, etc. generates heat (you can see the heat bar right next to your ability bar). When Ambra has full heat and she attacks, it takes about 3-4 melees(LT on console) to drain her heat. The first heat melee will do approx 200 dmg, however it does have diminishing returns (I believe). Using her heat when the bar is full should net you about 500 dmg in the time it takes to melee 3-4 times. This is her main damage source. All other abilities should be used with the goal of gaining heat and doing a little damage with the ability itself.

DMG: Ambra players must manage and be aware of their heat at all times. My suggestion would be to try to engage enemies when you have full heat and solar wind cooled down. Heat is easily gained on minions, shards, etc. with her staff. You’ll notice it takes a while to kill minions and shards with her staff, but this is kind of a good thing. This will allow you to build full heat on a minion or two. Once you have heat, now it’s time to punish characters who are over extending into you and your teams’ lanes. Ambra does best with team mates due to her support nature, but can 1v1 just as good as the next guy, if not better. When you are attacking your dmg loop should be:
Throw sunspot, Use heat that you’ve built up, Solar wind for more heat, Use that heat, Staff to finish off if necessary.
Most non tank characters will be dead from this combo. And even if they are doing as much damage as you after you use your second round of heat, your flame shield will kick in to give you the health you need to finish them off. If you find yourself in a fight without heat. Use staff or solar wind to build it up right away.
I find Ambra to be best used as a roamer/controller. I play a lot of meltdown and just go from lane to lane healing team mates, getting dmg on minions to build heat and clear them, helping in team fights, and 1v1-ing over extenders.

I’ll admit Ambra is not the best healer until you reach character level 12 and get her level 3 mutation, but once you do get this mutation she is a great healer. This mutation gives you the ability to fuel your sunspots with your staff to keep them alive. This will up your healing from 33/sec to 99/sec, not including any gear, etc. This allows her to basically set up healing stations all over the map for players to heal at. If you see a player going into your sunspot, then you just fuel it for a few seconds and they get healed to full, and your sunspot stays there. And even if you don’t go fuel it they will still get a decent amount of health out of it. Also for big team pushes, putting a sunspot that your fueling around the corner healing 3 or 4 people at one time can be key to the enemy not getting enough damage to push your team back. You can even have 2 or 3 out and you just juggle them with your staff.

Level 1-Illumination-Solar wind is big part of her combo, extra dmg is great.
Level 2-Blessing of the sun- More healing.
Level 3-Steller Ritual-Ability to fuel your sunspots.
Level 4-Ritual of Repulsion or Searing Wind.

Here it could go either way. Ritual of Repulsion is a mutation that replaces solar wind with a staff slam that you do twice knocking enemies back(It’s awesome). Usually if a Rath, Galilea and/or a lot of other melee characters are in the game I will pick Ritual of Repulsion. If it is a bunch of ranged characters or I don’t think I’ll need a double knock back, I go with the +100% dmg.
Level 5-Cauterization-Movement speed when flame shield is active. Great for falling back to your sunspot after you finish off your enemy.

Level 6-Solar Anomaly-Additional sunspots out at one time. More healing and damage.
Level 7-Radian Halberd or Flame Staff or Radiant Spear.

These are actually all very good choices. If you find yourself in a lot of close melee battles use Flame Staff for the 100% lifesteal. If you are facing a lot of ranged characters or have her character exotic gear I’d use Radiant Halberd. If you want MASSIVE burst damage use Radiant Spear. I tend to go with Radiant Halberd because with her character exotic gear it is a spam-able ranged AOE attack.

Level 8-Fan The Flames-More sunspot health. More overall healing for the team.
Level 9-Sweltering Wind-Another 15% dmg on Solar Wind.
Level 10-Impact Crater-Stuns all nearby enemies in your ultimate.


Her character exotic that auto generates heat, Heal power (which works for you and teammates I believe), Healing received or attack damage.
Conclusion: Ambra is a support character that does good dmg, good healing, and great burst damage. She can be used to a teams advantage in many ways. She can be a dedicated healer, main damage dealer, dedicated healer with burst damage to finish off fleeing enemies, or all at once. She is very versatile given that she doesn’t necessarily have to focus on healing to heal players, she can just drop a sunspot down, go do damage, and come back to fuel it when it is almost dead. Although Ambra’s build is decent enough with no character progression, she is only truly amazing once you start unlocking her mutations. She has some of the best mutations in the game.

*Great character, but takes a lot of awareness with heat, etc.
*Always remember to manage and build your heat
*Once flame shield kicks in start looking to finish off your opponent or look for an exit
*Sunspots should be used as frequently as possible. There is always something that needs healing or dmg.
*Main dmg loop should be
build up heat on minions, shards, etc.,
throw sunspot,
use heat,
solar wind to build more heat,
use heat,
staff to finish off if necessary

Thanks and lmk if you have any success with her!

Edit: Stats were pulled from BB Bible and in-game cards

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IDK…my main reason for copying this was because I read a thread saying Ambra was useless in the Competitive Multiplayer Discussion subforum. If the mods want to move it though, please do by all means.