A Guide to Career Titles

Added a list of Career Titles (with icons) and descriptions on how they unlock to my Battleborn fan/research site. There are likely a few missing (ie Alani related titles) since this was generated from data pulled from the PC version of the game and as I have mentioned before, may not include content added in recent updates. There’s also a “Gearbox Dev” title which I haven’t included the icon for because it was going to be a real pain to extract.
I was going to do another “visual guide” type post, but given the size of the list I thought it better just to put it up as a webpage (enabling people to search a given title they know the name of). If you wanted to know what a particular title looks like before unlocking it, this might be useful to you :wink:


Btw I actually have like another 20 title icons not paired with unlock information so if people have them and post a screenshot, I can match up the missing ones.


Finally got round to checking against the visible ones in-game. I’m only missing 3 which I believe are all Alani related. :sunglasses:

  • Master of Alani
  • Ridin’ Like Poseidon
  • Water Monk

Always Late and Medicinal Use Only show different numbers in game.

Yeah there were a couple where the UnlockDescription and ItemDescription (which is the in-game display value) had different values.


That being said, neither of those had differing descriptions. They might not be updating these descriptions, so I may have to pull from the UnlockDefinitions for each title.